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Will Anything Help Control The Humidity in my House?

February 18, 2014

Humidity is a problem in many areas. The best way to control excessive humidity is to have a system that runs longer at lower speeds. Variable-speed air-handling equipment runs at very low speeds, which keeps the air circulating against the cooling coil and removes much more moisture than conventional systems. At these low speeds, the variable-speed motor also uses much less electricity than conventional motors.

A two-stage outdoor air conditioning unit will operate at a low speed, removing more moisture and allowing greater comfort than a single-stage air conditioning unit.

For additional dehumidification, you may want to consider a stand-alone whole-house dehumidifier.  These can be tied directly into your existing duct system.  Humidity problems may also arise from humid air being sucked into your home via a vented/leaky crawl space.  We can minimize this by sealing the crawl space and installing a dehumidifier specifically for that area.  Not only will it lower humidity, it will help prevent the infiltration of dust and dirt from the crawlspace entering your home.