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Why Does Air Quality Suffer?

Custom Climate air quality
August 31, 2018

Indoor air is full of contaminants such as dust, paint particles, chemicals from cleaning products, and much more. During the summer and winter months, however, there’s rarely a supply of fresh air. This means that the contaminants build up and the indoor air quality diminishes. This can cause or aggravate respiratory issues, worsen colds, and even impact your skin.

How an Air Filtration System Can Help 

During the warmer and colder seasons, the indoor air quality can get even worse for several reasons. Fortunately, an air filtration system can help with all of this by:

  1. Removing regular air contaminants: An air filtration system — especially if it has a HEPA filter — is specially designed to remove airborne contaminants.
  2. Removing mold: Mold can get into the air and can aggravate our airways. An air filtration system filters them out.
  3. Removing dust: An air filter eliminates any dust accumulation from spreading throughout your home.
  4. Eliminating smoke: If you’re hosting a party and one or more smokers attend, the smell of smoke can linger for days. At the same time, passive smoke inhalation is unhealthy and can even make healthy people feel sick. A good air filtration system will remove smoke particles from the air.
  5. Eliminating cooking smells: Whether it’s fried onions or garlic pasta sauce, nobody wants to smell yesterday’s cooking when they wake up in the morning. An air filter can eliminate stubborn cooking smells so the only thing you smell when you get up is your morning coffee.

Why Choose Custom Climate?

With our air filtration experts at Custom Climate HVAC, you’ll be able to win the war against indoor air pollution. With our services, we’ll improve the quality of the air in your home or office. Some of the benefits of our air filtration services include:

  • Full Air Cleaners that cleanse the air you breathe in your home or office efficiently
  • Entire House Humidifiers that control the levels of moisture from room to room
  • Full Ventilation Systems that ensure fresh air is always flowing through your home or office
  • Ultraviolet Lamps that eliminate pollutants in the air you breathe

 If you want to improve your air quality, call Custom Climate today!