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When Do You Need Furnace Maintenance in Mt. Pleasant?

October 14, 2015

Furnace maintenance in Mt. Pleasant can save you from plenty of trouble with your heating system this fall and winter. When the colder temperatures begin to settle in, you may be relying on your furnace more than ever to stay warm. It’s important to stay on top of furnace maintenance in Mt. Pleasant or else you may have to prepare yourself for some chilly fall and winter nights without a heating system. A faulty heating system is certainly not something you want to deal with this fall and winter, so it’s best you take the right steps to avoid it.

The team at Custom Climate offers furnace maintenance in Mt. Pleasant that won’t leave you without any heating system troubles. Our professionals know the ins and outs of your furnace, and can look at your heating system carefully to notice any problems. While furnace troubles can really kill your fall and winter time buzz, our furnace maintenance in Mt. Pleasant will allow you to keep the heat going.

Furnace Maintenance in Mt. Pleasant: Top 4 Signs

Not sure when to call us for furnace maintenance in Mt. Pleasant? Then here are a few signs telling you the time is right to call our heating expert:

  • Poor Cost and Energy Efficiency: This indicates that your furnace is working harder but uses up more energy to provide heat. You can see your utility bills increase if you let this problem persist.  A furnace maintenance check can make sure your furnace is using less energy to get the job done.
  • Yellow Flame: This indicates that the burners need cleaning to provide more oxygen to the flame. Worse, it can be indicative of carbon monoxide, an odorless yet poisonous gas that can lead to a loss of consciousness or even death. Don’t risk the health and safety of everyone in your household and get furnace service immediately!
  • Unusual Noises: Most furnaces click when they’re activated, and oftentimes, you can hear the air flowing through the vents. These are normal sounds. If you hear rattling, crackling or squealing sounds, that can indicate anything from loose parts to electrical issues.
  • Strange Odor: Your furnace shouldn’t emit an odor, period. Custom Climate advises that if you smell gas, smoke, or burning plastic, you need to shut your furnace down immediately and evacuate the building until the issue has been addressed.

Contact Custom Climate today for furnace maintenance in Mount Pleasant, especially if you notice any of the signs above!