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UV Lights for HVAC Systems, Do They Work?

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October 26, 2019

Although most people might not give a whole lot of thought to what is breeding and growing in their HVAC system, they should. The mold and bacteria that build up in your ductwork can continue to circulate in your home and cause allergies and respiratory issues if left unchecked. And if you have someone who is already predisposed to things like allergies and asthma, what is lurking in your air ducts might unwittingly be exasperating the situation. One solution to the problem is UV lights, but many wonder how effective they are to improve air quality Charleston, SC, how expensive they are, and whether it is worth the investment.

Do UV Lights Kill Bacteria and Mold?

UV light has been used since the early 1900s to kill bacteria, viruses, and mold in places like hospitals, grocery stores, and restaurants. And recent studies have proven that they are an effective way to both kill and sterilize HVAC systems. In fact, in 2012, a study conducted by Duke University showed that UV light killed 97% of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It was shown to even kill the “superbug” bacteria, which are the hardest to target. And the Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology published a finding from 2001, whereby findings showed that germicidal UV light radiation decreased airborne fungi when used in units that handle air circulation.

What are UV Light Options for HVAC Systems?

There are two different options for UV lights to sanitize your HVAC system. They have different names such as sanitizing lights, germicidal lights, sterilization lights, and purifying lights. And they all basically perform the same function.

Coil Sanitizing Lights

A prime location for the growth of bacteria and mold are central air conditioning coils located indoors. The coils help to condense moisture and remove it from the air. But as the air circulates through your home, dirt, debris, and allergens quickly stick to the wet coils. Moist wet and cold conditions are excellent breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Coil UV lights are the most common types of HVAC sterilizing lights. Dual and single lamp models are placed where they can continually penetrate the coil’s surface.

Air Sanitizing Lights

These types of germicidal lights work by installing them directly into your ductwork. They work by killing airborne mold and germs. Different companies manufacture U-Shaped and stick lamps, but they work in the same way. Some lights coordinate with blower motors so that they turn on and off on the same cycle. They must be hardwired, so the cost can be higher due to installation.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of UV lights depends on the type of system that you choose. On average, the most common types for air ducts and coils UV lights can cost anywhere from $80-$125. The lower- cost ones use one lamp, and the higher, two. The air sterilizing UV lights usually include an additional air filter. The lifespan per lap is anywhere from nine to fourteen months, so an additional cost of about $15- $50 for new lamps is necessary depending on what type of lamp is required.

Can I Install UV Lights on my own?

The UV lights that aren’t hardwired can be installed as a DIY project if they have simple installation instructions. If you aren’t sure how to do it, however, it doesn’t make sense to spend the cost to purchase UV lights that aren’t going to work correctly. When investing in good air quality for your home, it might behoove you to ensure it is done right by hiring a professional who will stand behind their work.

Are UV Lights Worth it?

Installing UV lights will not only help to reduce HVAC odors, but it will also increase the overall health of your home. They can help to lower colds and viruses, and also reduce the risk of mold and allergens building up in your ductwork. UV lights can also eliminate toxins from the air you breathe and stop the growth of bacteria and fungi. For the small investment and maintenance fee per year, they make good sense to keep everyone at home healthy!

At Custom Climate, we care greatly about the health of your home and your family. Our team of professionals has options to increase the air quality of your house and keep everyone breathing easy. With winter quickly approaching, now is a great time to install UV lights and reduce winter illnesses! Contact the best air quality Charleston, SC company today to discuss the many options we offer!