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Ten Mistakes you Can’t Afford to Make With Your Air Conditioner

June 5, 2020

Ignoring your HVAC system will not only lead to increased wear and tear that can shorten its lifespan; it can also raise your monthly energy bills and decrease the unit’s efficiency. It is critical to maintain and look for signs of a problem before they become problematic and require an expensive appointment with an AC repair Mt. Pleasant, SC company. These are ten common mistakes to avoid to keep everything running in top shape.

1. Size Requirement Issues

Air conditioning systems work by cooling a specific number of cubic feet per unit. When choosing the unit that is right for your home, make sure that you find one that is rated specifically for the area that it will need to tackle. If you buy one that is too small, it will have to work overtime and that will decrease its efficiency and lead to breakdowns. If you choose one that is too big, it won’t run enough, which will not help reduce the humidity levels in your home for a more comfortable environment.

2. Dirty Cleaning Coils and Fins

Cleaning both the coils and fins is essential for your ac unit to work optimally. The coils and fins are responsible for its operation, but if they are caked with dirt and debris, then they can’t work as they should. And over time, that will lead to a decrease in energy efficiency and higher monthly bills for you. It can also result in the need for an ac repair call.

3. Air Filter Exchanges

The air filter is responsible for removing dirt and debris from the system. They should be changed every six months or less to ensure good air flow and to increase the air quality within your home. If you don’t change them frequently, it reduces your air conditioner’s efficiency by as much as 5 to 15%, which can really add up over the long, hot summer!

4. Not Programming Your Thermostat

It doesn’t make much sense to cool areas that are not in use. A programmable thermostat is the best way to reduce wear and tear and also to decrease energy costs. Due to increasing technology, there are a vast number of programmable thermostats to choose from in all different types of price ranges depending on your budget.

5. Not Checking the Drain Periodically

Most ac systems use a drain for the condensation line, but since they are often located out of sight, it is easy for the drain to become clogged without anyone noticing. If they are clogged, it can wreak havoc on your system and also the surrounding floors and walls. So make sure to keep a close eye on your drain to ensure that it is flowing appropriately.

6. Turning the Temperature too Low

It is human nature to assume that if you turn your thermostat down super low, it will make the room cool quicker, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. No matter how low you turn your thermostat, it will take the same amount of time to get to the desired temperatures. But if you do crank it down, you will likely forget about it and have your air conditioning needlessly working overtime. Set your thermostat for exactly the temperature you want it to stay at.

7. Pushing it Another Year

No one wants to invest in a new air conditioning unit, but if you try to push it another year or two, you could be spending dollars to save pennies. A newer unit will work more efficiently, and in the long-run, save you a whole lot more. The gold standard is that an air conditioning unit should be switched out after about ten years. So if your unit is nearing its end, it is best not to turn a blind eye and wait until it breaks down to replace it.

8. Ignoring Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to your air conditioning working optimally and also to avoid making a call to an ac repair Mt. Pleasant, SC specialist. An ac specialist will not only ensure that things are clean; they can spot signs of trouble before they become super expensive. Or, even worse, ruin your air conditioning unit leading to a costly replacement.

9. Not Adjusting the Temperature

Not only do you want to turn your air conditioning up when you are going to be gone for extended periods, why have it running at full speed while you are asleep and unaware? Make sure that you are varying the temperature according to actual needs to reduce running time and also energy costs.

10. Not Using Window Coverings

Window coverings are not only a great thing for privacy; they also can help to reduce your energy costs when used correctly. Keep window coverings closed during the day to reduce radiant heat. And if the temperature dips at night, open up your windows for some good air flow to give your ac a break.

Your HVAC system will treat you right if you do the same. Avoid these ten mistakes that will not only put more hardship on it; but also make it more likely that you will have to make an expensive repair or replacement call. At Custom Climate, we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your HVAC maintenance call or if you are having any system problems!