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Summer is Heating up so the Last Thing on Your Mind Might Be a Heat Pump – But Why Now is the Best Time for Installation!

June 12, 2020

The hot South Carolina summer weather is rushing in, and the very last thing you are probably thinking about as a homeowner is whether you should install a heat pump or not – but now is a perfect time! If your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan, instead of simply replacing it for the fall season ahead, you might want to take the time now to replace it with a more energy-efficient heat pump to lower your monthly energy bills and to keep things toasty when the cold weather is back again. Because although it is called a “heat pump,” it works more efficiently to both heat and cool your home over a traditional furnace and air conditioning system.

What is a Heat Pump?

The term heat pump is a misnomer that gives the impression that it is only about heating your home. A heat pump is actually both a heating and cooling system in one that helps to lower costs and keep you comfortable year-round. A heat pump works during the summer by extracting the heat within the home and transferring it to the cooler outdoor air. And during the summer, the reverse happens. In practical terms, a heat pump works just like an air conditioner to cool your home.

Advantages of a Heat Pump

One of the biggest advantages of a heat pump is that it works efficiently during both the summer and the winter with a lower-cost operation and it is much more eco-friendly. The biggest advantage that a heat pump offers is that it works well in the South where the winters don’t get as cold or stay cold as long. It might cost a little more to install upfront. But, over time, the savings are significant enough to warrant putting the investment in now.

So, Why Install a Heat Pump as we Head Into Summer?

The thought of taking out an air conditioning and furnace system as we head into summer might seem like poor timing, but it is the best time ever. The demand for a heat pump installation is typically lower during the spring and summer. That means that you can take your time to shop around and see which HVAC company can offer you the best deal and one that you believe in. Also, if you wait until the cold weather rushes in and your furnace isn’t working correctly, you will be in a rush and might end up making a poor decision.

How is Your Air Conditioner Working for you?

So if you know that your air conditioning system or furnace is nearing the end of its cycle, then now is a perfect time to make the best choice for the long-term. If you replace your traditional HVAC system with a heat pump, you will not only do away with having to buy another air conditioning system, you will be better set for the wintertime. And you also won’t have to worry about the high cost of heating your home.

Although most homeowners go with a traditional HVAC system, if your air conditioner or furnace is nearing the end of their life cycle, now is the time to make the switch. A heat pump might not sound like something to invest in right now with the summer heating up, but it might be the best investment you can make not just for the long hot season ahead, but for decades of more energy-efficient heating and cooling. A heat pump installation is something that you should learn more about and consider now.

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