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Homeowner Hack: Signs You Need an AC Repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC!

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December 30, 2018

Although the summer heat has given way to a much colder wave, it’s still South Carolina, and the potential that you might need to fire up the AC any day is real. So instead of waiting for stifling hot conditions to return, if you’ve noticed that you might need AC repair in Mount Pleasant, SC, now is the time to tackle it before the spring rush “rushes” in. To determine whether you need to have your AC at least checked out, look for these signs that indicate it is time to make a repair call.

Your AC Blows Warm Air

Your air conditioner is responsible for one thing: blowing cold air. If it isn’t doing that, then that may be a sign that trouble is brewing. Warm air indicates that the unit isn’t working as it should and that a repair is in order.

Poor Airflow

An air conditioner is only as good as the air it blows. If your AC doesn’t have the airflow necessary, then it will never be able to keep up with the heat outdoors. A reduced airflow capacity can be a sign of trouble – and if you don’t get it fixed, it will likely end up doing more damage over time. That can lead to the need for a costly replacement instead of just an AC repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC!

Reading the Wrong Temperature

If the reading on the thermostat doesn’t line up with the temperature that is coming from your air conditioner, then that means something is wrong that it needs to be fixed. It might also lead to your AC unit working overtime to keep up, which will lead to more wear and tear if you don’t fix it.

Loud Noises

No, loud noises are not usual. And yes, they signal that a repair is in order. If you hear something outside the ordinary coming from your AC unit, it is time to make a call to have it looked at.

Bad Smells

Foul odors coming from your AC unit might be a sign that something is not okay. There is the potential that an animal got stuck either in your ductwork or in the unit itself, both of which should be addressed by an air-conditioning expert.

High Humidity

An air conditioner works by drawing the humidity out of the air. If yours has stopped doing that, then it is time to have it evaluated for any problems. It will be nearly impossible for your home to be comfortable if your air conditioner isn’t pulling the humidity from the air.

Water or Freon Leaks

If you notice any fluids coming from your AC unit, then it is time to have it checked out. Although condensation is not uncommon during really hot weather conditions, if it isn’t water it isn’t a good sign. And it is a sign that you need an AC repair in Mt. Pleasant.

Don’t Put Off Your AC Repair in Mt Pleasant SC. It could cost you big time!

If you put off a needed air-conditioning repair, then when that first hot day rolls around you are going to be out of luck – and probably suffering and waiting for a while. Now that the air conditioning was turned to heat, it is the perfect time to have your unit repaired.

If you wait too long, you might end up needing to replace it. Call Custom Climate HVAC today to have your air conditioner evaluated if you sense signs of trouble.