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Options to Improve the Air Quality of Your Home Now to Beat the Spring Allergy Season

March 30, 2020

There are so many things to love about living in the Charleston, SC area. But for allergy sufferers, the one thing not to, is the high amount of allergens that come with springtime. Undoubtedly, the blossoming flowers are beautiful to look at, but the pollen can wreak havoc on just about everyone. This year, take steps before spring hits, to minimize your allergy suffering by considering these options to improve the air quality in your environment. If you need options for indoor air quality Charleston, SC trusts, breathe easier with these tips!

Full Air Cleaners

The best way to keep allergens from circulating your home and causing health issues is to consider an air filtration system.  At Custom Climate, we offer an array of different options to help you reduce the fine particles in your living space. Our air filtration systems improve the quality of both your home or office by reducing fine particles in the air before they can become trapped in your ductwork and then circulated throughout your house. They seek to clean the air you breathe by removing harmful contaminants.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

The humidity level within your home should ideally be below 50%. If you have more humidity in the air then it can lead to mold and mildew spore growth, which is very unhealthy. Dehumidifiers work by removing water vapor from the air and restoring humidity levels to a more appropriate range. When the summer starts to heat up outside, a whole-house dehumidifier will also help your air conditioner work more efficiently. When the humidity in your house is at a good level, you don’t have to run the air conditioner as much to feel cool. So not only will installing an entire house dehumidifier help with allergies; it will also help with your energy costs this spring and summer.

UV Lights

UV lights have been around as early as the 1900s and used to kill viruses, mold, and bacteria in hospitals, restaurants and grocery stores. They are also a great way to sterilize your HVAC system. We offer two different types of UV light options for our customers, coil sanitizing lights and air sanitizing lights. Each works differently, but they both work to remove harmful contaminants in your ductwork to create a much healthier and safe environment for you and your family. The low cost of installing UV lights far outweighs the benefits that it provides for a cleaner and safer home environment.

Springtime is just around the corner. And although things are always blooming in South Carolina, for allergy sufferers, spring blossoms can be a nightmare. This spring, don’t forget to take measures to improve your air quality like changing your air filters and having your HVAC serviced. But also consider going the extra step by adding one of our many air quality Charleston, SC improvement options in your home. They will help put a stop to springtime allergy misery.

Contact Custom Climate, the best air quality Charleston, SC professionals today, to see which method works best for you.