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Don’t Be Too Late to Replace This Fall: 7 Warning Signs You Need a New Furnace Installation

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September 9, 2016

If you notice your furnace is costing you too much on energy bills, taking away from indoor air quality, or not feeling as if it can protect you from the colder weather this fall, you need to call Custom Climate for furnace installation. With summer reach its end, it is now time to think about what needs to be done to ensure you are ready for the upcoming fall and winter. If your current furnace is giving you too much trouble, you certainly do not want to wait a moment longer in getting it replaced. The last thing you want for the upcoming season is to be stuck without a reliable source of heat when the weather cools down.

Fortunately, the team at Custom Climate is more than willing to help you. We can provide you with the latest furnace model that will guarantee higher levels of efficiency and all-round better heating. We want to see our customers ease into the fall without heating worries on their mind, which is why our technicians will be available at any time to install a furnace in your home as soon as possible. When your family’s comfort is at stake, you should make any effort in keeping them happy, and a new furnace may be the best way to do so this fall!

The Top 7 Signs You Need a New Furnace Installation

When you are trying to live out these last few hot days of the year to their fullest, you may lose sight of your heating needs, especially if you need a new furnace. The team at Custom Climate recommends you stay alert and be aware of any indicators telling you the time to replace your heating system is now. The next time you are looking for a reason to replace, pay attention to any of these 7 warning signs:

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality: Are you noticing your family is starting to feel ill, especially the members of your family who have asthma or allergies? It may be worth it to have a technician at Custom Climate give your furnace a check. When your heating system stops working, it will result in dust, bacteria, and other air contaminants to filter into your home. This will result in poor indoor air quality that will make it difficult for anyone in your household to catch a breath of fresh air. Worse, long-term exposure to bacteria will result in serious breathing and respiratory problems. Replacing your furnace is this situation will help your home warm and
  • Unpleasant Smells: The other way a furnace can detract from poor indoor air quality is through unpleasant gas odors that will permeate through your home. This will impact your home’s atmosphere for the worst, as any guests will to stay far away once they catch a whiff something nasty. Even worse, the gas odors may indicate something a serious problem with the furnace that may result in it bringing harm to the environment and reducing your energy efficiency. A new furnace will improve home comfort, even if only by eliminating those unpleasant, potentially threatening smells.
  • Poor Zoning: Once your furnace stops working, you may notice some areas of your home begin to feel warmer than others. In fact, some areas may be downright cold. This is a sign that your furnace has lost its capabilities in delivering heat to the rooms of your home that need it the most, like family rooms. If you notice this sign, talk with a technician at Custom Climate who can help find you a better furnace with the ability to provide consistent heat where you need it.
  • Loud, Strange Noises: If you begin to hear loud noises coming from your system, your mind may immediately go to the worst possibility—that your system is ready to crumble into pieces. However, it may not be anything that drastic, although it may indicate you do need a new furnace. Any crashing and banging noises from your heating system can indicate a wide range of problems including issues with the furnace belt, ignition, or a sign that its components are failing. No matter the issue, it is always a good idea to contact Custom Climate to inspect the noises further.
  • Furnace Older than 15 Years: The great thing about furnaces on the market today is that they can provide highly-efficient heating for a much longer period of time, lowering your risk of seeking replacement. However, it will be the better option to consider furnace installation if your system has aged past 15 to 20 years. Your furnace is more likely to experience issues once it reaches the double digits, leading you to spend more money on repair and maintenance service in the future. To avoid any considerable spending, install a new furnace instead to ensure cost-efficient heating.
  • Increased Spending on Bills: And speaking of wasting money, you may notice your energy bills skyrocketing in cost once your furnace begins experiencing issues. This is largely due to the fact that your heating system will use more energy to produce warm air, resulting higher energy consumption that will show up as high price on energy bills. If your energy costs are becoming too much for you to handle, now is the time to get furnace installation that will see you with an effective yet efficient heating system as soon as possible.
  • Thermostat Issues: Worst case scenario: it’s a chilly fall evening and you go to turn up your thermostat, only to discover it cannot meet your heating needs at all. A faulty thermostat can prevent your home climate from meeting your unique heating needs. This may indicate your thermostat is in need of replacement or that you have leaking ducts needing to be sealed before you waste any more heat. But before you replace it completely, it is important to have a technician at Custom Climate inspect your furnace first to determine if the problem indeed lies with the thermostat or if you need simply need a new system.

Contact Custom Climate today if you need furnace installation and our team of highly motivated technicians will gladly provide with excellent customer service!