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Is This Year the Year You Put an End to Drafts Killing Your Heating Bills?

January 17, 2020

It is hard to believe that the new year is already in full swing. If your goal for 2020 was to save money, a good place to start is by lowering your monthly heating and cooling bills. Over the past several years, a lot has changed the HVAC industry. And quite arguably one of the best products to help lower energy costs is something called a ductless mini-split. A completely revolutionary way to heat and cool, it might be the answer that you need to both cut costs and to make your home more comfortable.

These are just a few reasons to install a ductless mini-split in your Charleston, SC home.

You Renovated or Plan to

If you either renovated your home recently or plan to soon, the ductless mini-split might be an answer to your HVAC prayers. They work to heat and cool individual spaces where your HVAC system can’t reach. That saves your HVAC from switching on all day long and working tirelessly to get to those hard to reach areas. That not only means that you will save energy, but you will also be saving your appliances from needless wear and tear from working overtime. If you added additional space and your system is having a hard time keeping up, don’t upgrade your whole house; add a mini-split to help out.

It Doesn’t Require Ductwork

One of the best parts of installing a ductless mini-split is that it doesn’t require any ductwork. That means that they can be installed without the need for ripping up drywall or finding space that might not be available to run ducts to a specific part of the house. It also means that the heating and cooling is delivered exactly where you want it without having to travel from one end of the house to the other. That requires less energy, therefore, it equals less cost.

It Heats and Cools Exactly When you Want it to

Instead of needlessly heating rooms that aren’t in use, a ductless mini-split allows you to section off zones in your house. That way, you are only heating and cooling when a room is occupied. It doesn’t make much sense to make an empty room tepid if no one is using it. When you do want to use a space, simply switch on the mini-split, and you can have the temperature exactly as you want it.

It Does Away With Drafts Around Your Home

Nothing is more wasteful than running your HVAC at full speed and still not getting the room temperature where you want it. Instead of cranking up the heat for the whole house and still having uncomfortable areas, install a mini-split and make your whole house the temperature you want. Otherwise, you are just throwing money out the window for nothing, because you still aren’t getting the results you want.

With 2020 upon us, if you want to make this new year one of conservation both of energy and your wallet, then a ductless mini-split might be the best choice to cut costs. It delivers consistent heat, when and where you want it, cuts energy costs, and it doesn’t require the need for ductwork.

If you are ready to put an end to drafts and high energy costs, call Custom Climate, a professional ductless mini-split Charleston, SC installation company, today.