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Is It Time for AC Installation in Charleston, SC? 3 Warning Signs

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July 1, 2015

Charleston is often cited as the friendliest city in the United States with polite people, well-preserved architecture, and delicious local cuisine. It’s also known for hot, sticky summers with heat and humidity keeping life moving in slow motion, so it’s a wise move to invest in AC installation in Charleston. Custom Climate is Charleston’s best AC service when you’re looking to install the latest AC unit in your home, with AC experts who strive to maintain the city’s signature friendliness.

If you’re unsure whether you need AC installation in your home, here are 3 warning signs telling you it’s time to have the AC experts in Custom Climate equip your home with the latest in cooling technology:

  1. Your AC is Old: It may be time to chuck out an AC if it’s inching closer and closer to its tenth birthday. Older AC units have lower SEER ratings, which could spell trouble for its durability during the summer’s hottest days. A new AC features a higher SEER rating that indicates better overall performance and reliability. An AC expert from Custom Climate can guide you through the process of finding the latest AC unit that will provide you with cool air throughout the entire summer.
  1. You Have No AC: Some may think they can go an entire summer in Charleston without proper air conditioning, but they are sorely ill-advised. A lack of air conditioning in your home could jeopardize the well-being of you and your family, including children and pets. Any family member with asthma or any other breathing problem may suffer without AC installation providing them with fresh, breathable air. There’s no need to risk of the health of your family by neglecting AC installation.
  1. The Summertime is Hot: We’re not kidding around when we say summertime weather in Charleston can be grueling. A properly installed AC can at least quell feelings of overheating in your home and eliminate the added burden of oppressive heat. If you don’t have an AC in your home when the temperatures start to increase, then move AC installation to the top of your list of summertime activities. Fun in the sun is time well spent, but AC installation from Custom Climate is even better.

Contact Custom Climate for AC installation in Charleston. Our AC experts work 24/7 to keep Charleston nice, polite, and cool!