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How to Choose an HVAC Contractor – 7 HVAC Tips You Must Know for AC Unit Installation

How to Choose an HVAC Contractor for AC unit installation
October 20, 2019

Just like any other professional that you hire to work on your home, the quality of your HVAC system does depend on who you contract. Since not all HVAC contractors are the same, taking the time to find the right one can take some time. But it will be time well spent! If you need an AC unit install, it is a huge investment. So, make sure to protect it by finding a reputable and knowledgeable contractor in your area. Knowing these 7 tips will help you find the right professional to get the job done correctly.

Avoid Over the Phone Estimates

It might be super convenient to get a quote via phone, but it might lead to some significant problems. Many factors need to be taken into consideration before knowing exactly what an AC unit install will cost. If you have a contractor telling you that they will know how much it will cost without looking at the specifics of your home, that is an instant red flag. The only way to fit the right AC unit to cool your home properly is by taking a look at the attic, crawl spaces, and all other features that might present a problem. Often, if a contractor is giving you a quote over the phone, they are trying to gain your business. Once they make an appointment, they hope you will feel obligated to follow through, even if the price increases. They understand that once they walk through the door, they have a higher likelihood of making the sale.

Be Careful if an HVAC Professional Merely Replaces Your Old Air Conditioner With the Same Model

Even if you seemed generally satisfied with your old unit, there are likely more efficient ones out there. If your contractor is trying to sell you the same model, which is an older one, they probably have an overstock they are trying to overload on you. Don’t let them talk you into the argument that your home hasn’t changed, so it needs the same unit years later. Even if your home hasn’t changed, technology has. And since you are making a great investment, it is best to look around and know you are getting the latest, greatest, and most energy-efficient model possible.

Experience is all Relative

Experience is something that can definitely be an asset in the HVAC contracting world. But just because someone has been in the HVAC industry for decades, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have stayed up with the times. The technology for AC appliances continues to advance and become more efficient. If you hire a contractor who has many years working in the industry, that doesn’t necessarily translate into expertise. Make sure to ask questions about continuing education and the latest options available. If they don’t know, then their type of experience won’t benefit you much.

Make Sure They are Licensed

The Contractors State License Board should license every AC professional. But it isn’t a requirement that is monitored very heavily. Before you hire anyone, protect your greatest assets, your house and family, by ensuring that they have the right credentials. You don't want someone working with gas lines, and all the other hazardous things that can arise from an AC install, if they don't know what they are doing.

Get it in Writing

Coming out to do an inspection is much better than offering a generic quote one over the phone. But unless the estimate is in writing, it is just a guess. If an HVAC contractor has quoted you a specific price, make sure that they are willing to give you a written estimate of the work they will do. It should include what type of AC unit they are going to install, and if there are any warranties for both parts and craftsmanship. When it comes to an estimate, the more specific it is, the better you can protect yourself.

If you Read Reviews Make Sure They are Credible

Unfortunately, not all of the reviews that you read online are real. So, when researching who to hire for your AC unit install, only go to credible review sites like Google. Many sites like Yelp alter what you see online and hide a lot of the unpleasant stuff. Try to stick with the reviews you can trust or call and ask for referrals from the HVAC contractor you are considering.

Don’t Choose a Contractor on Price Alone

You get what you pay for. And although getting an AC unit install below budget might seem really appealing, if someone is offering you a substantially less quote amount, there is a reason. There are a lot of reasons that an HVAC contractor might cost less. They could be offering a subpar unit, using less than experienced technicians, or tacking on hidden fees. In general, if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Although you don’t have to go with the highest bid, try not to go with the lowest unless you have thoroughly researched what you are getting for your money.

Hiring an HVAC professional for an AC unit install is like hiring any other professional. And who you choose is no less important! Find a contractor who will take the time to come out before providing you a quote, is abreast with industry upgrades and technological advances, and one who is within budget, but not necessarily the cheapest, to avoid problems down the road. The experts at Custom Climate pride themselves on being the most knowledgeable in the industry. And they also strive to provide the best energy-efficient ac units to meet your home’s and your budget’s needs. Contact us today to discuss your HVAC needs.