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5 Reasons to Hire the Best HVAC Company in Charleston – Not the Cheapest!

best hvac company in charleston sc
February 22, 2019

Good HVAC ain’t cheap, and cheap HVAC ain’t good!

As the winter months begin giving way to spring, turning your heater back over to the air conditioner is right around the corner. If you didn’t have your AC fine-tuned before you shut it off for the winter, now is the time. And before you shut your heater off for the summer, it is important to make sure that it is cleaned and ready for the fall. When hiring an HVAC company, it is important not to choose one by price alone. To choose the best HVAC company in Charleston, SC, these are five reasons to look beyond price!

There is a Reason Why It is Cheap!

That adage “you get what you pay for” is real! If an HVAC company is offering a fantastic deal that is considerably less than another company, then there is probably a reason. Cheapest might feel best on your wallet but that doesn’t mean that the best quality is guaranteed. If you are going to spend the money to have your unit maintained, then make sure that it is done right. Otherwise, you’re doing nothing but throwing money out the window!

Your HVAC System is Costly!

When it comes to owning a house, the HVAC system is a part of what keeps your home comfortable – and it’s also a significant expense. Not only is repairing an HVAC unit expensive, but so is replacing it. And if it isn’t maintained properly, that can increase your likelihood of having it replaced sooner than it otherwise would be. Since your HVAC system is an enormous investment, invest a little extra to have it repaired and maintained correctly.

Not All HVAC Technicians are Equal

Regular maintenance is essential for many reasons. One of the biggest is so you can spot signs of trouble before they become a disaster. If you hire an HVAC company based on price alone, you may not know if they have qualified professionals working on your system. And if they aren’t properly trained, that can mean they don’t see when things are amiss. If an issue isn’t spotted during maintenance, then it is going to require a costly repair call down the road. The technician’s experience level is crucial and should be a major factor over price.

Reputation is Everything

There is a reason why word of mouth is so important. The way a company handles a situation in the past gives great insight into how they will handle future situations. That’s why you need to find an HVAC company with a good reputation. Online reviews are a great resource to find not necessarily the cheapest company, but the most reputable one. Whoever you hire, you want to ensure that they will stand behind their work and they are among the best HVAC companies in Charleston SC.

Finding a Certified Dealer is Critical

Not all heating and air conditioning units operate the same way. Knowing the manufacturer’s recommendations and how to work on a particular model is vital to getting the repairs right and to maintaining a unit properly. Don’t just look for the cheapest HVAC company – look for one who is authorized to work with your model and manufacturer.

Although the price is typically an issue when it comes to maintenance and repair calls, it shouldn’t be the only criteria for hiring an HVAC company. To ensure that you are getting the best company, consider these five factors.

At Custom Climate we might not be the cheapest company, but we are among the best HVAC companies in Charleston, SC. Check out our reviews and contact us for an appointment today!