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6 Warning Signs of a Heating Service Scam

technician performing heating service on furnace
December 7, 2016

Heating service should atop your to-do list this winter if your furnace needs some extra attention. We’re now in the coolest time of the year and we’ll see plenty of chilly nights in the months ahead. You need to make sure your heating system will be ready to protect your home from any low temperatures. However, as urgent as heating service may be, you also need to make sure you are not falling into the trap of a scam HVAC service. While there are certainly more reliable HVAC services than there are bad ones, don’t rule out the chance of hiring a contractor who winds up not being everything they say they are. These scam artists will be looking to make as much money from you as possible without any care to making sure you are kept warm this winter. Not only will they leave you without consistent heat, but they may also put your family’s lives in danger. If they lack the qualifications necessary to repair your system properly, a faulty repair can immediately put you at higher risk of experiencing a home heating fire. Faulty installation can also bring trouble. An improperly installed furnace may lead to you spending more on emergency heating repair due to frequent system breakdowns and higher spending on energy bills due to poor system efficiency. Before you go ahead and hire the wrong contractor this winter, now is a better time than ever to familiarize yourself with different heating systems.

Why You Should Call Custom Climate

If you are looking for heating service you can trust, make Custom Climate your first choice. We have a team of dedicated heating contractors ready to assist with your every need, especially if your furnace is currently broken down. They can provide a wide range of heating services including installation, repair, replacement, annual maintenance, and more. Not only will all of these services be done with technical precision, our heating contractors will offer dedicated customer service as well. They will make sure your needs are heard and understood. A less dependable service company may treat you as just another customer. But such is not the case with the team at Custom Climate. We make sure your heating needs are the number-one priority so you get service guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction. Once you receive our service, you will have a reliable, highly efficient source of heat that won’t put your dent in your savings or your family’s safety at risk.

How Do You Know When You Have a Scam?

We think it’s important for you to know the signs of a scam service you go ahead and make a call. Please take note of these 6 warning signs immediately:

  1. No Written Estimates: Always make sure to get estimates in writing before any work begins. You deserve to know how much you will be paying so there’s no surprises when the time arrives to break open your wallet. If a contractor is hesitant to get anything on a formal document, they should not be trusted.
  2. No Replaced Parts: One trick scam artists like get away with is saying they have replaced your HVAC parts even though they actually didn’t replace anything. Always ask to see the replaced parts upfront. Even if the contractor did indeed replace parts, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Replacing Parts with Use Ones: Another common trick scam artists use is replacing HVAC parts with used ones. The main problem with used parts is that they will only make the system experience more breakdowns and problems with efficiency. It will only make you have to call for more heating service in the near future.
  4. Avoid Frequent Tune-Up Offers: You should only seek a furnace tune-up once a year, as one quick maintenance check  Be cautious of any contractor who is offering multiple tune-ups a year, as it may indicate they are simply trying to make more money off you.
  5. Be Careful of Upfront Payment Requests: No reliable heating contractor will ask to be paid before the work is done. While a contractor can provide you with upfront estimates, you should only pay them after the project is completed. If not, they may wind up taking your money and running with it.
  6. Unreasonable Pricing: If your contractor offers you a price that seems unreasonably high, get a second opinion from another contractor. Having two prices will give you a better sense of the average cost and if the first contractor’s price will be completely unreasonable.

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