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8 Heating Maintenance Tips For Fall

House kept warm because of heating maintenance services
October 12, 2016

Heating maintenance —the single most important thing to consider this fall. Some homeowners will simply turn on their heating system at the beginning of the season and not have a care in the world. But a lack of consideration toward heating safety may be your worst mistake. While having a steady flow of warm air in your home may be essential during the colder months, you also need to ensure your well-being isn’t put at risk. The risk of a home heating fire rises significantly during the fall and winter, resulting in numerous fatalities and injuries each year. But fires are not the only danger you need to worry over. There is also the threat of carbon monoxide emissions, smoke inhalation, poor indoor air quality, and so much more. Your fall should be enjoyable, but you need to stay on top of maintaining your heating to keep it that way.

Call Custom Climate for Top-Notch Heating Maintenance Services

If you are doubtful over the safety of your heating system, you need to call Custom Climate for heating service immediately. Making the phone call our way will be one of the best decisions you make this fall. We don’t just aim to provide you with warm air. Our services can also extend the lifespan of your heating system and help you save long-term money on heating bills. Our mission this fall and winter, like every year, is to see homeowners revel in the comfort provided by their heating system and not worry when the next safety hazard will break out. We offer a wide range of HVAC repair aimed at meeting everyone’s needs. Got a heating problem you think is too obscure for us to fix? Guess again; when there’s a will, we can find a way.

8 Important Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Along with our heating maintenance, we are also available this fall to provide any insight on how you can help make your home’s heating safe. If you want to do your part but do not know how, here are 8 help tips designed to bring you one step closer toward maintaining your home’s heating like a pro:

  1. Replace Furnace Filters: If you notice your furnace is working harder than usual to produce warm air, it may be due to blocked furnace filters. When it’s working much harder than normal to produce heat, your furnace will be more likely to start fires or fail completely. To avoid the possibility of expensive furnace replacement, you should replace furnace filters once a month.
  2. Avoid Heating Your Home with an Oven: The only thing you should be heating with your oven this fall is food for a hearty meal. Avoid heating your home with it, or else you may encounter a higher risk of fires or carbon monoxide exposure. Some homeowners out there still think this is an acceptable mode of heating when it can’t be any further from the truth.
  3. Call for Chimney Inspection: One of the more common forms of home heating fires are contained fires, namely ones occurring in chimneys. A chimney fire occurs when creosote and soot build up within the chimney, which can be prevented by calling for annual chimney sweep from a licensed professional.
  4. Add Screens to Fireplaces: As with any heating appliance, one small problem with your fireplace can grow into a huge safety hazard. If left uncovered, a spark from your fireplace may pop out and set the surrounding area ablaze. This situation can get out of hand quickly, so consider adding a metal or glass screen to the fireplace. It will prove durable enough to withstand any sparks and keep you from harm.
  5. Shut off Portable Heaters: Portable heaters can prove useful when you need warm air right away. However, you need to make a point to shut them off when you are longer using them, especially in a situation where you are leaving the house or falling asleep at night. If left plugged in, your portable heaters will become overheated or malfunction to the point where it could cause a fire.
  6. Test Smoke Detectors Regularly: If your furnace malfunctions and causes a fire in the middle of the night, a smoke detector can awake you and alert you of any danger. However, to ensure it continues to work, you need to test it regularly. You may come across a problem like dead batteries or something much more serious requiring replacement.
  7. Check Electrical Connections: While you are more than welcome to give them a look, if you own a furnace powered by electricity, you absolutely should not work to fix them yourself. Instead, call a licensed electrician for further inspection. They will have the tools and experience to tighten any connections or make repairs. In addition, they will know what safety precautions to take during the job.
  8. Call Us for Annual Heating Tune-Up: You should call Custom Climate for a heating tune-up once a year, preferably right at the end of summer. We can give your heating system a closer look and identify any lingering problems within the system that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. From there, they can make quick repairs and guarantee you save money on repair bills for the next 12 months.

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