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7 Questions to Ask Before A Furnace Replacement

A furnace replacement may require heating system parts like these
November 8, 2016

A furnace replacement is highly important this fall if you want to avoid the high costs on energy bills, high levels of stress, and the sting of freezing outdoor temperatures. However, all too often, homeowners make the mistake of replacing their furnace with the wrong system. With the average cost of a furnace soaring up to $4,000 today, this can prove a costly mistake, one ensuring the colder months will be filled with headaches and frustration. Some homeowners will even make the mistake not replacing their heating system at all, resulting in worse efficiency and a higher chance of furnace breakdowns during the coldest nights of the year. This can prove just as costly, as the United States Department of Energy reports that over half of your home’s energy budget already goes toward heating. To avoid taking a significant bite out of your savings just to upgrade the heating system in your home, you should instead consider how you can get the right furnace for your needs. With your family’s comfort at stake, you certainly do not want to go without heat, or else it may be one long winter filled with incredible discomfort. It certainly doesn’t hurt to stop and think before you make a purchase.

Why Should You Call Custom Climate?

If you are unsure about how to find the right furnace for your home, please call Custom Climate today for high-quality heating service now. Our team of heating technicians will be available all throughout the fall and winter to ensure you get the heating system just right for your home. With our help, you will have a furnace with a longer lifespan, providing heat for over 20 years. In addition, you will also save so much money on repair and energy bills, as your new furnace will provide high-quality heat without any additional energy costs. Even if you think you won’t be able to find the perfect heating system, we’ll make you think twice. Better yet, our furnace replacement services are quick so you are not wasting a single moment longer without reliable heating. You will be able to relax this winter without worrying about a lack of heat. 

7 Questions to Ask Before Furnace Replacement

Before you go ahead and replace your furnace, please ask yourself any of these 7 questions to make sure you are getting the right one:

  1. What Do You Want Other Than Just Warm Air? Even if you are looking for a new furnace to provide you with heat, you should know that a new furnace can also provide so much more. Modern furnaces are equipped with zoning capabilities, which will allow you to break your home up into different zones just to heat specific rooms or areas. New systems are also much more efficient than older models, offering an AFUE up to 98.5%.
  2. How Can You Compare Heating System Efficiency? When you have so many different furnace models available promising high-efficiency heating, you should compare them by their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). The AFUE measures how furnace efficiency determined by how much of the energy entering a furnace converts to heat for your home. The higher AFUE rating, the better it will be in providing highly-efficient heat.
  3. What Fuel Types Are Available? The three main furnace types are gas, electric, and solar. Each will vary in their benefits. For example, gas furnaces are known for their remarkable energy efficiency, but could risk a gas leak due to faulty hookups. Electric furnaces are a safer option, but may cost you more on energy bills.
  4. Are There Any Special Deals/Warranties/Rebates? If you are struggling to afford a new furnace, you should know many government agencies and utility companies offer incentives such as rebates and tax credits to encourage homeowners to purchase an energy-efficient furnace. Also ask your heating technician for any special deals, warranties, and rebates available that will see money put back into your pocket.
  5. How Much Space Do You Have in Your Home? Having that huge, modern furnace in your home may sound nice on paper, but there may not be enough space in your home for it. Instead, you should have a technician inspect your home determine what size of furnace would be correct for your home. An improperly-sized furnace will result in poor system efficiency and frequent breakdowns which will see your spending on repair skyrocket. These bills may pile up to the point where you’re left in a far worse financial situation than you expected.
  6. What Areas Need the Most Heat? Please consider the areas of your home that need heat the most, as you certainly don’t want to waste energy by giving warm air to rooms that don’t need it. As we mentioned previously, modern furnaces come equipped with zoning abilities that separate rooms of your home into zones. This will give you greater control over the climate in your home, and help you save energy in the process.
  7. How Have Your Heating Needs Changed? You probably last got a new furnace over 10 years ago, meaning your heating needs have changed considerably. If you live with a growing family, your heating needs are probably wide-ranging. This is especially true if you just welcomed a baby into the family or have elderly people living in your home. The last thing you want is to install a new furnace that either can’t meet their needs or, worse, put their well-being at risk.

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