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Furnace Installation in Summerville: The Pros & Cons of Gas Furnaces

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December 18, 2015

When did making a purchase get so difficult? With countless varieties of everything, picking the right one feels impossible. Even buying a pair of socks requires a comparative analysis chart.

At Custom Climate, Summerville’s furnace installation professionals, we understand your frustration. That’s why we’ve come up with a list explaining the pros and cons associated with installing a gas furnace in your Summerville home.

The Pros

  • Natural gas is typically cheaper than both oil and electricity. It is also less susceptible to fluctuating oil prices because it is mostly produced in North America and has less international demand.
  • Gas furnaces are not as loud nor do they get as dirty as oil units and require less maintenance.
  • Electric furnaces have to warm internal elements before they can heat a space. They use more energy while gas units give off heat instantaneously.


The Cons

  • While natural gas tends to be cheaper, it’s not as widely available as oil and electricity. In order for gas furnace installation in Summerville to occur your home must be located near a gas supply.
  • Gas units cost more to comparably sized oil and electric furnaces. Oil units can range 10% to 25% less. Electric units can cost as much as 50% less.
  • Gas furnaces cost more to install because they have more finicky technology and require additional to steps to keep them safe than oil and electric models.
  • While oil and gas furnaces have similar life spans, electric units typically have a longer life expectancy, sometimes double.
  • Natural gas is usually cheaper than oil but it doesn’t have as much heat output for the same quantity of oil.

Deciding which type of furnace installation in Summerville is best for your home is a give and take. When you call Custom Climate today to schedule your consultation we can help you decided if a gas furnace installation in your Summerville home is right for your home or if one of our alternative heating solutions better meets your needs.