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How You Can Finance Your Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation can be done thanks to financing options
October 25, 2016

Furnace installation is an absolute must if you expect to live comfortably this fall and winter. The temperatures outdoors are on the decline, and there’s no better way to protect yourself and the entire family with a new furnace. However, for many homeowners, getting a new furnace is much easier said than done, particularly in terms of financing. The average cost of a furnace today is inching closer $4,000, and that’s not even factoring in any costs on furnace maintenance and annual operating costs. Making the high cost even more stressful is that heating is a necessity. You cannot simply allow your home be overwhelmed by the cold weather, or else the well-being of your family will be put in jeopardy. Blankets, portable heaters, fireplaces, and even bowls of hot soup may help but none of those options can compare to the heating capabilities of a high-efficiency furnace. Your heating needs should be met immediately, so you can enjoy a better peace of mind later in the season. But how exactly do you find the right financing? How can you find the few extra thousand dollars? Well, it’s more possible than you may think.

Why Should You Call Custom Climate?

At Custom Climate, we want to remind you that installing a high-efficiency furnace is possible without taking a considerable amount out of your savings. Our heating contractors are available to work with you in getting the heating system just right for your home. After all, every home needs a reliable source of heat during the fall and winter, and we’ll make it possible. We offer the latest furnace models from some of the top brands in the country. And our installation services are quick, so you’re not spending a single moment this season stuck in the cold. Our contractors will also help you find financing programs and payment options so you can have a heating system in your home that won’t come at a high cost. With our help, you can relax so much easier this season, especially when we provide you with a furnace keeping the entire family comfortable.

How Can You Pay For A Furnace Installation?

There are several payment options available today for you to pay for that highly-efficient furnace. Here are some of the most common:

  • Bank Loans and Credit Cards: If you have good credit, bank loans and credit cards will be a viable payment option. Credit cards will work if you have a considerable amount of money in your account. You may also qualify for collateral, which will require you to relinquish a real asset in exchange for a loan. 
  • Government Programs: There are several state and federal financing programs offering rebates and other special financing for homeowners whose savings cannot cover furnace installation. Please ask your local heating company for more information on additional funding and government help.
  • Online Crowd Funding: You may have heard of the online crowd funding site GoFundMe, which give you the option of asking for donations to fund your furnace installation. You can also help out other users who are looking to fund their own furnace installation as well.
  • Barter Sites: Barter sites may not be too common, but sites like TradeAway and BarterOnly allow you to get a furnace in exchange for goods and services. Just make sure to get agreements in writing, especially when dealing with users on the Internet.

What to Expect from Financing Programs

With plenty of financing programs offering all sorts of promises, it can be a little difficult assessing what programs would be right for you. To make that decision easier, here are some common features you can expect from these programs:

  • Competitive Interest Rates: The ability to negotiate competitive interest rates will depend on your credit. Homeowners with bad credit may not be able to successfully get low-interest financing, but a sufficient credit score will allow you to negotiate your own rates.
  • Low Monthly Payments: Low monthly payments is a viable option if you are looking to save money, but it will come at a cost, usually in the form of higher interest rates.  Generally follow this rule with payments from financing programs: the more money you finance, you will have to pay higher interest rates.
  • Zero Down Payments: Like low monthly payments, this option will sound promising, but it will also come at the cost of even higher interest rates.
  • Deferred Payments: You could qualify for deferred payments if you have good credit, allowing you to not pay back the loan for 90 days or even a year. Though some manufacturers will promote deferred payments to their own benefit, they will be undoubtedly beneficial to you. However, even with this option, you should still be aware of any high interest rates.

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