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Follow This Checklist before Air Conditioning Service in Mount Pleasant, SC!

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June 17, 2016

High-quality air conditioning repair, installation, and replacement services are par for the course once you enlist the help of Custom Climate. And with a season record-high temperatures right around the corner, it’s a more perfect time than ever to call us for service to meet any of your cooling needs. The heat outdoors isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and you need to make sure you have a well-working cooling system ready to greet it.

But before you go right ahead and make the call to our technicians, you can do your share in ensuring your cooling system is working better than ever. Yes, that’s right; you may not be a licensed professional, but you still have the power to instill your home with improved cooling abilities by taking a few, simple actions. Sure, nothing can compare to service from our team of technicians, but you don’t have to haplessly sit in your home as you wait for air conditioning service in Mount Pleasant, SC either. When it comes to providing you and your family with the next level in home comfort, you can take control and improve home cooling unlike ever before.

Air Conditioning Service on Mount Pleasant, SC: How Can You Help?

Before call for air conditioning service from Custom Climate, please adhere to this checklist to make sure your cooling system is ready to go:

Thermostat Problems

  • Check the settings on your thermostat to ensure cool air is set to a temperature that meets your individual specifications.
  • Check the battery to see if it needs to be replaced. So thermostats will give you some type of alert beforehand.
  • Clean the exterior of the thermostat to rid it of dirt and dust by using a can of compressed air.

Air Conditioning Filter Removal

  • Clean or replace AC filters regularly. A buildup of dirt or dust can cause them to clog and make your air conditioning work even harder to produce cool air.
  • Eliminate any crowding around the system so air flow will not be cut off in any major way so your air conditioner is not working harder than necessary.

Air Conditioning Leaks

  • Check the air conditioning’s condenser tube and inspect for any clogs. Dirt, debris, or algae may be the root of the clog. Also check to see if the tubing is loose or damaged.
  • Test the pump by pouring water into its collector. If the pump doesn’t start, it is broken and you need to call a professional for repair.
  • In the event that ice is blocking the tube, either replace the AC filters or check the system’s refrigerant level, which may be low.

Air Conditioning Not Cooling Well

  • Turn off the air conditioning and remove the door of the air handler cabinet to inspect the filters. Replace filters if necessary.
  • Clean the condensate drain, which may be clogged with dirt, dust, and algae.
  • Clean the outdoor compressor and test it to see if it’s working by setting the temperature of the thermostat below room temperature. If the compressor fails, your entire system fails.

Air Conditioning Fails to Produce Cool Air At All

  • Turn off the air conditioning and again remove the door the air handler cabinet to inspect the filters. Clean or replace filters if necessary.
  • Test the AC belt by fitting it onto the motor pulley and rotating it. Check to see if there is too much tension on the belt and restore it to proper tension according to the manufacturer’s guide.
  • Lubricate any bearings, including fans and motors to ensure smoother performance.

Contact Custom Climate today for high-quality air conditioning service in Mount Pleasant, SC that will keep you cool and comfortable, even as this season’s worst heat marches on!