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Five Benefits you Reap From Installing a Humidifier in Your Home This Winter

December 12, 2019

As the cold weather approaches, people around Mt. Pleasant will be cranking up the heat. For a home to be comfortable, it has to maintain a humidity level of anywhere from 40% to 50%. But the more you heat the house, the harder it is to maintain humidity. The best way to maintain the proper air conditions is to hire a humidifiers Mt. Pleasant, SC expert to ensure that you can reap these five benefits from installing one!

Helps Reduce Airborne Viruses

Raising the humidity indoors to a minimum of 43% can affect as many as 85% of the viruses that are airborne. So, higher humidities help to reduce the risk of infection. Moisture can stop the movement of germs because they bind with the moisture and simply drop when they become too heavy to circulate throughout your home. That means fewer viral infections for your family and a healthier home.

Prevents Dry Skin

The body is made from 50% to 60% water, which is why skin dries out so quickly. When the moisture in the air is not sufficient, it can lead to dry skin and chafing. Our bodies rely heavily on maintaining moisture levels from the air. So having a humidifier will help to cut down on chapped lips and other winter skin conditions that can leave you miserable.

It Makes the Air Feel Warmer

Higher humidity makes the air feel warmer and more comfortable. When there is more water in the air, sweat from your skin evaporates much more slowly, which makes you feel more comfortable. Not only will that leave your family happier all the way around, it also means that you can have your home set to a lower temperature and still feel warm. So you can set your thermostat lower and still feel warm, which will save your energy costs throughout the long winter months.

Prevents Wood Damage

Wood surfaces like furniture or hardwood floors can be damaged and cracked by low humidity levels. It can also lead to loose joints on your floors that will require repairs. And it can also lead to doors that no longer fit on their hinges. Wood, like skin, needs a constant amount of moisture to prevent damage. So a humidifier might help to increase the lifespan of your flooring, furniture, and wood molding throughout your house.

Prevents Snoring

Nothing is worse than being kept awake at night by your spouse due to snoring. The best way to solve the problem might be to increase the humidity of your home. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, which can help reduce snoring by soothing the back of the throat and preventing it from drying out, which can lead to snoring. So having a humidifier installed might also help you, and your spouse, get a better night’s rest!

When you increase the use of heating in your home, it can lead to lower humidity levels. Having humidifiers Mt. Pleasant, SC experts install a humidifier to keep a constant level might help to reduce viral infection, make you feel more comfortable at lower temperatures, and get a better night’s rest. Contact Custom Climate today to discuss how we can install a humidifier to help make your home healthier for the long winter ahead.