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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Importance of HVAC System Maintenance?

Your HVAC keeps you comfortably cool during summer and toasty warm during winter. However, in the off season when your HVAC is not in use, serious wear and tear can occur that makes it inefficient when the time comes to turn it on. Proper maintenance of your HVAC system ensures that you always have dependable heating and cooling exactly when you need it the most.

How Do You Know When Your AC Needs Servicing?

There are several signs and symptoms to be on the lookout for that indicate when your AC needs servicing. If the unit is leaking, making strange noises, or simply will not turn on, than this is a sure sign that your AC needs a service or repair. If you are noticing that your cooling is inconsistent, with only some rooms receiving cool air, then a service will ensure that your whole home is comfortably cooled.

What is Covered in AC Installation?

Our technicians will assist you in determining the most efficient type of AC unit for your home. We install the inside air handler, outside compressor, filters, all of the refrigerant supply lines, drain lines and pumps as well as the thermostat for the unit. If necessary, we take care of any circuit and wiring requirements to leave you with a perfectly functional and efficient AC unit.

How Can We Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Good air quality is important for you and your family as it has a huge benefit to your health. You can improve your air quality by having your HVAC filters regularly changed, as well as investing in an air purifier for your home.