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Could you Benefit From a Whole House Humidifier?

January 31, 2020

After living in South Carolina during the summer, the last thing you might be thinking about is the need for a whole-house humidifier. But as the cold weather rages on, and the dryness in your home takes hold, you might be considering whether one is right for you. There are many benefits to installing a humidifier, but are there enough to take the plunge this year? These are the reasons to have a humidifier installation company in Mount Pleasant, SC install one for you.

They Can Improve Your Health

A house humidifier works alongside the heating and cooling system of your home to maintain an appropriate humidity level. It delivers water vapor to your ductwork via a distribution tray, therefore, helping adjust the humidity levels in your environment. In doing so, it helps to prevent contaminants and other harmful materials from becoming airborne and being circulated. So by using a humidifier, you are making a healthier environment for everyone by reducing toxins, bacteria, and viruses from your home.

They Help to Increase the Comfortability of Your Home

When the heat turns on continually during the cold winter months, it dries out the air. And that can lead to symptoms such as dry skin and sinuses, allergies, and asthma issues. A whole-house humidifier will help to moisten the air, which will make you feel more comfortable throughout the cold weather months. And it will also help to reduce allergy and respiratory issues that can be keeping you miserable.

They Help to Preserve the Materials of Your Home

As if the sandy conditions of South Carolina aren’t harsh enough on your hardwood floors, the winter months can be just as brutal. A whole-house humidifier will help to stop the hardwood from cracking and warping around your home. Also, the right moisture levels will prevent paint from chipping. So it works to preserve your home and the things inside of it.

They Save Money On Energy Bills

A whole-house humidifier works to make the air in your home feel warmer without the need to turn your heating on high. Humidifiers make the air feel warmer at a lower temperature, so you won’t have to crank the thermostat up high to get comfortable when it gets really cold. Air that has more moisture has an easier time retaining heat, which means that you won’t have to run your furnace for as long if you maintain a healthy humidity level.

The South is known for its high humidity, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t experience our fair share of dryness when the temperatures outside dip. To maintain a healthier environment, keep allergies at bay, increase the comfort of your home, and to save energy costs, a whole-house humidifier is an excellent idea.

If you are considering installing one, contact Custom Climate, a leading Mt. Pleasant, SC humidifier installation company, today to discuss whether it is right for your needs.