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Choose a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor for Your Ductless Mini Split Install!

March 27, 2019

One of the biggest things to hit the heating and air industry are ductless mini splits. They offer homeowners an abundance of advantages to using a traditional HVAC system. But not all ductless mini split Charleston, SC contractors are the same. To take the guesswork out of who to hire, look for a ductless mini split Charleston, SC Mitsubishi Diamond contractor! These are the five reasons why!

1 They are Certified

To ensure that our customers reap the most benefit from our Mitsubishi mini ductless system, we provide all of our contractors with certifications. Each of our contractors is guaranteed to be up-to-date on installation practices and the latest technology. There is a multi-stage training program that every technician has to complete to be a member of our diamond contracting level. That way, we know they will install our products accurately so that you will get all the benefits that come from a multi-split system.

2 Free Consultation and Customer Education

Mitsubishi Electric certified Diamond Contractors pride themselves on delivering the best service and education possible. We offer each customer a free in-home consultation to evaluate your floor plan and find the best product to help increase your home’s energy efficiency. Once we survey the area, we can provide you with the best layout suited specifically for your home.

3 Experts with Knowledge of Energy Consumption!

The type of ductless system you need depends on finding the correct “fit”. Once we see the size and layout of the area that we have to work with, we can accurately give you a quote on the cost of a perfectly constructed ductless system. Our technicians understand energy consumption and environmental programs, so they can also evaluate to make sure that you will get the most cost savings, and also leave less of a carbon footprint.

4 Easy and Quick Installation

Although you want your installation to be quick, you also want it to be correct. Our technicians know the ins and outs of installation so that they avoid the little hiccups that can arise. Those little things that can happen unexpectedly not only prolong the installation process, they also lead to a less efficient overall system. All Diamond Contractors are specifically trained on how to properly install your ductless mini split system to provide maximum advantage to the customer.

5 Extended Warranty

When you hire a Diamond Contractor, you not only get the best expertise in the industry, you are assured that if something should go wrong, you have a warranty to fix it! Our warranty program is one of the best in the industry, with the guarantee on the compressor and parts being as many as seven years post-install. That is just one more reason to choose a Diamond Contractor above another ductless installer.

A ductless mini split is one of the most innovative solutions to HVAC to hit the industry in decades. But not all installers are the same. To ensure that you get the most efficient system to save costs, that the technicians have the latest industry knowledge, and that should things go wrong you are covered, choose a ductless mini split Charleston, SC Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor! It provides you with additional security to know that it is done right from the start. Contact Custom Climate today for a free evaluation.