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Beat the Rush and Replace Your AC Before Spring Air Rushes in!

January 10, 2020

With the New Year in full swing and the cold weather raging on, it might seem silly to be considering the condition that your air conditioning is in. But as anyone who lives in Charleston knows, when spring hits; it does so with a vengeance. The first couple of hot weather days come on fast and hard. And if your air conditioning unit isn’t in top shape and you are considering replacing it, now is a perfect time to do it. If you wait too long, you could end up losing out. Right now, instead of later, is an excellent time to find an AC installation company near you for these critical reasons.

If you Wait you Could be Left Sweating it!

If you wait like everyone else until you actually need an air conditioner, then you might be left sweating it out. Most people don’t realize they need a new air conditioner until it is broken, and if it is hot out, they might be out of luck. If you replace your air conditioner now, then you will be able to find someone around your schedule, not left overheated waiting for the next appointment, which will probably not be very timely.

Have Time to Shop Around

If you are considering replacing your air conditioning unit, now is the time to shop around. When your air conditioner stops working and you need it NOW, then you won’t have the luxury of calling around to find the best deal. Or, the time to really research which air conditioner is best and cheapest for your needs. Don’t panic and be forced to make a decision. Talk with professionals to find the best unit and the best deal without being in a rush.

Don’t Get Stuck Hiring Whoever is Available

Again if you wait until your air conditioning stops working and it is hot outside, you are going to be stuck with whatever AC installation near me company has the availability to help. It is important to find an HVAC company that you trust. And also one that has a good reputation. It is always better to plan ahead to find the right people to both replace and to service your HVAC system. If you get a jump on it now, then you will be ready to go well in time for the hot weather with a company you believe in.

Know What now if you Need a Repair or to Replace

If you are even thinking that you might need to repair or replace your AC units, then you probably sensed that there were problems last summer. Or, it might be that your unit is reaching its lifespan. Either way, it is best to know ahead of time if you need to either repair or replace it. And in either case, you still need to have your AC maintained to evaluate whether a new one is warranted or not. So, why wait until the last minute?

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it is a great idea for some situations, but not for an air conditioner. If your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan or you had an inkling that it wasn’t working optimally last summer, now is the time to address it. Don’t wait until the spring rush has everyone else rushing to get their air conditioner repaired or replaced.

Be proactive this New Year, and let the professionals of Custom Climate evaluate your system to determine if it will make it another year. We are the best AC installation near me company around, contact us today!