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Ask Our Mt. Pleasant Heating Contractor: How Can You Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring?

March 7, 2016

Spring is sure to come early this year in South Carolina and it is time to start preparing your HVAC system. This requires a multi-step process. Whether you own a home or business, a Mt. Pleasant heating contractor can help address your needs or diagnose any issues before they become expensive burdens.

When the weather gets hot, the last thing you need is to have your cooling system break down. You can easily avoid this. Here are five tips that will get your HVAC system in top shape for the upcoming cooling season.

This spring, you should:

  1. Have the HVAC system tuned up: Most contractors suggest seasonal tune ups and preventative maintenance. These involve professional inspections that consider all the major components and check points. A service technician will check your filters and connections while suggesting any repairs before they become problematic.
  2. Seriously consider an upgrade: If you have an old heating/cooling system, it might not be up to the latest operational and efficiency standards. Your contractor will make suggestions on the best brands and models; you’ll also want to get the best-sized system for your property. Starting fresh with an efficient HVAC system will start you off right away in saving on heating and cooling bills.
  3. Install a new air filter: The most basic of preparations, you probably won’t need to call a technician to change or clean your filter. Some filters can be cleaned. On most models, they can be replaced without any professional help. Also be sure to check the air filter in your HVAC system every month during the spring and summer.
  4. Check the ductwork: This is what many people neglect to do. The condition of your ductwork has a direct impact on the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system. You can increase efficiency a lot by sealing any leaks. A Mt. Pleasant heating contractor can test for leaks with professional equipment, allowing them to quickly isolate any problem to a specific area and fix it.
  5. Switch out your thermostat: Sometimes the type of thermostat affects how well your system runs. Installing a programmable thermostat can prepare your HVAC system for better performance this spring. By setting the temperature to adapt performance based on occupancy and time of day, you may lower your energy bills and let your system run better.

Preparing your HVAC system for spring is not that complicated. Your Mt. Pleasant heating contractor will guide you and provide routine maintenance and tune ups, so contact Custom Climate today to receive a no-hassle inspection before things heat up.