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Ask Our Heating Service in Mount Pleasant: How Can You Save Energy This Winter?

December 8, 2015

The holiday season is just as well known for its hair-pulling stress as it is happiness. In addition to making holiday party plans and finding the right gift for your loved ones, you also still have to worry about your everyday home upkeep, especially when it comes to heating. This time of year is also associated with a dip in temperatures and you’ll probably rely on your heating systems more than ever. However, while you current heating systems may provide you with comfort, there’s one major downside: energy bills.

Yes, while you ideally want the perfect amount of heating this holiday season, you also have to deal with the looming threat of high energy bills. Your heating may take a huge chunk out of your holiday budget before the season even gets underway. If you want to avoid a holiday filled with financial peril, then please call Custom Climate for energy-saving advice from our heating service in Mount Pleasant. Our professionals can answer any of your tough questions!

What Does Our Heating Service Recommend?

The main goal of our heating service in Mount Pleasant is to supply you with heating that is both highly effective and highly efficient. Take note of the following tips so you save energy and keep stress this holiday season to a minimum:

  • Use the Sunshine:Sometimes, all it takes to save energy is by opening up the curtains to allow the sunshine come in. The winter may be frigid but the sun will let in free heat that you’d otherwise have to rely on from furnaces and fireplaces. Free, effective heat that won’t waste a single ounce of energy—what could possibly be better this holiday season?
  • Turn Down Water Heater Temperature: Your water heater will supply you with much-needed hot water this winter but it’s actually much more energy efficient to turn down your water heater temperature. This way, your water heater will use less energy to heat water while still providing it to all of your plumbing fixtures.
  • Heat Only Parts of Your Home: Is there a room in your home that is currently heated even though it’s not in use? Then you’re only wasting quality heat that could be used for other purposes. To save money on heating, only heat the rooms that are currently in use so you’re still getting a steady flow of heat without any of unnecessary money loss.
  • Be on the Lookout for Air Leaks:Leaks in your ductwork can form, leading to the costs of heating in your home to raise dramatically. You may find air leaks in cupboards, closet spaces, and ceilings. Seal them up with mastic tape before it’s too late!

Contact Custom Climate today if you want to save money on those pesky energy bills by getting work done by our heating service in Mount Pleasant!