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Ask Our Heating Service in Charleston: How Can You Replace Furnace Filters?

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December 24, 2015

You’ll definitely want to be up to date in your furnace knowledge to survive the upcoming colder months without any worry, especially in regards to your furnace filter. After all, filters play an important role in keeping allergens, pollutants, and other debris from entering your heating system. However, your filter can weaken and become blocked over time, preventing you from getting steady air flow in your home.

Fortunately, Custom Climate is host to a heating service in Charleston who can give you advice on how to properly replace furnace filters. Our main goal is to ensure you won’t get stuck in the cold this winter. We want to see your furnace ready to go for the season, so always call us for any advice!

What Does Our Heating Service in Charleston Recommend?

Replacing a filter is an important step in ensuring you receive the highest quality heating this winter. fortunately, our heating service in Charleston is here to provide you with the following five steps for a successful do-it-yourself replacement:

  1. Shut Off Thermostat: This step is obvious, but important. You don’t want the furnace coming in the middle of filter replacement, so shutting it off is the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen so you avoid serious injury. Also let others in your home know what you’re planning to do so they can assist you if a emergency were to occur.
  2. Locate the Filter: The easiest way for you find where yours is located is to check the manufacturer’s manual that came with the unit, since every model is different. If you don’t have it anymore, remove the front air-intake grill to see if you can access the filter from there.
  3. Remove Filter Gently: As you pull it out, pay attention to the direction the arrows on the side of the filter are pointing. Throw the old filter into the trash and seal it to prevent the collected dust from getting into your home. Removing the filter without any regard to patience can lead to huge trouble and damage your furnace!
  4. Vacuum the Filter: Sometimes even the most everyday household appliance can prove wonderful assistance in cleaning your furnace. A vacuum can actually suck up any dirt, dust, or debris that your filter would otherwise fail to catch. Use the snorkel attachment of your vacuum to scoop up any
  5. Install a New Filter: Slide the new filter into position with the arrows pointing in the correct direction.  As with removal, it’s important to take it easy with this step, as it can lead you to install it incorrectly. And with that, you have a new filter that’s ready to provide you with steady air flow!

Pick up the phone and call Custom Climate today if you want more advice from our heating service in Charleston!