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Are Ductless Mini-Splits Worth the Investment?

March 8, 2020

Many homeowners in the Charleston area are considering the option of ductless mini-splits to solve their HVAC issues. Ductless mini-split systems offer a vast number of advantages over traditional HVAC systems, especially under certain conditions. Is a ductless mini-split system right for you? Look over these benefits outlined by the best ductless mini-split Charleston, SC professionals to see if one is right for you.

No Interference With Your House Floor Plan or Renovation

Before the option of ductless mini-splits, a floor plan was guided by where the ductwork had to go to supply heating and cooling to a space. With a ductless mini-split, the sky is the limit. You don’t have to be confined when planning a new home or doing a renovation by where to hide the ducts; you can put a mini-split anywhere. That means you can have an open floor plan, or make a room out of a significantly smaller space, and not worry about the placement of the HVAC.

They are Cost-Effective

For some homeowners, getting the entire house comfortable is extremely difficult. If you have rooms that are hidden away or hard to reach, then you can end up running your HVAC system around the clock and still never find a happy medium. When you have a ductless mini-split, it heats and cools right where you want it. That reduces your HVAC system’s working time, which not only leads to lower energy costs, but also less wear and tear on your system. And it also means that you can finally reduce those cold spots and drafts around the house that can make things very uncomfortable.

Another Cost-Effective Reasons

Also, with a ductless mini-split, there isn’t any ductwork. So airflow isn’t traveling from one end of the house to the next. Without ductwork, there is less energy output, which translates into lower energy costs for you. Another cost advantage of a ductless system is that you can better zone your home. If you have rooms that aren’t being used, you no longer have to pay to heat and cool them. You can section off the parts of your house that are in use only, and stop paying to have the HVAC running continually to keep up.


When you have rooms in your house that the air conditioning can’t reach, in the past, you had two options: crank the air conditioner full blast and cross your fingers. Or, put in a window unit. Window units not only use a lot of energy; they are unsightly. A ductless mini-split is not only sleek and easy to disguise, they are also extremely quiet and work right where you want them to. Ductless mini-splits are a perfect solution to older homes that have very few options to keep everything the same temperature, or even rooms that have no windows.

They are Eco-Friendly

In the big picture, it is more than just lower energy costs for you; ductless mini-splits are just more eco-friendly. They work to cut down on greenhouse gases. And they also reduce your energy carbon footprint. So, if you would like to do your part for energy conservation, then a ductless system is an excellent way to go.

Ductless mini-splits are a great way to overcome the limitations of traditional HVAC systems. They are also an excellent way to maintain a constant temperature throughout your home, reduce your energy costs, and to go green. So although it might be an expense to install, the benefits far outweigh the costs. We at Custom Climate, a premier ductless mini-split Charleston, SC company, would love to discuss how a mini-split might solve your HVAC issues. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.