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3 Reasons to Consider Air Conditioning Replacement in Summerville, SC Before the Summer Ends

August 10, 2016

The summer is the most brutal time of the year when it comes to heat and humidity, which is why air conditioning is such a valuable asset for a homeowner. It’s hard to really put a price on the ability to feel comfortable in your own home, so if you’ve been noticing problems with your current AC system, it may be worth considering a replacement. Why do it now instead of waiting until next summer? Well, for one thing, you won’t have to deal with the agonizing heat while you wait for your new system to be installed — with a replacement ready to go, you can just turn it on and feel the cool air right when that first scorcher comes around. Wondering whether outright replacement is really right for you at this point, though? Read on to find 3 reasons you might consider air conditioning replacement in Summerville, SC before the warm season ends.

  1. You’re not completely satisfied with your air conditioner’s options: If you’ve ever just come in from the brutal humidity, only to deal with the suffocating heat inside your house until your AC can cool it down, you may feel dissatisfied with its limited options. More modern cooling units can be controlled either by a timer or remotely through mobile devices, allowing your home to get cool long before you arrive. Consider replacement so you can enjoy these benefits right at the start of the next summer season.
  1. Your AC is getting up there in years: Even if you’ve performed regular maintenance on it, if you’ve got a relatively old air conditioning system, chances are it’s not as efficient as it could be. If you haven’t been feeling as cool in your home lately, consider replacing your AC system. You’ll notice a significant difference when the new one is up and running.
  1. You’re less-than-thrilled with the number on your energy bills: One of the irritating side effects of reduced efficiency in your air conditioning system is that it can increase the amount of energy expended to do the same (or less) cooling, making your monthly utility bills go up. If this is happening to you, having a new AC installed can greatly reduce your financial headache next summer.

You may not be keen on investing in a new AC system, but if you’re dealing with any of the above issues, it’s at least worth considering replacement. If you do decide to make the investment, give Custom Climate a call. Other homeowners have trusted their technicians to set them up with the most timely and efficient air conditioning replacement in Summerville, SC their money can buy.