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4 Air Conditioning Problems in Awendaw, SC to Avoid This Summer

July 11, 2016

Don’t let those sunny days and warm temperatures this season trick you; the living sometimes isn’t so easy during the summer, especially if you’re experiencing air conditioning problems in Awendaw, SC. Have you ever spent one summer day without air conditioning? An entire summer? Well, then you’d know just how downright uncomfortable it can be to even do something like trying to relax in your home.

Of course, Custom Climate wants to reverse your fortunes this summer by making you aware of the air conditioning problems in Awnedaw, SC that threaten to derail your summertime fun. In addition, we are available to provide any installation, repair, or replacement services necessary to keep your cooling system from calling it quits on the hottest days of the year. It’s all part of our plan to keep residents across Awendaw, SC far away from the sting of that summertime heat.

Air Conditioning Problems in Awendaw, SC: What Can Go Wrong?

Homeowners beware! Your air conditioning can experience any one of these problems this summer:

  1. Troublesome Electrical Connections: When wires are out of place, circuits are tripping, and your air conditioning is frequently shutting down, your mind will be buzzing over your cooling system’s air conditioning problems. Excuse the pun, but the truth is that electrical connections can grow faulty and bring your air conditioning plenty of problems down the road. It’s always wise to have a professional inspect connections to make sure they are tightened and durable.
  2. Alarmingly Low Refrigerant: Refrigerant is the juice that prevents your air conditioning from kicking off and is mainly responsible for cooling the air within your system. It can technically last you forever but if there is a leak within your air conditioning, you may begin to notice levels of refrigerant be exceedingly low. Whatever you do, don’t handle it by yourself. Refrigerant can be hazardous and need to be instead handled by a professional who can take the safety precautions in fixing the problem.
  3. Frozen Evaporator Coils: A mix of low refrigerant and blocked airflow can give rise to frozen evaporator coil, the only frozen treat you wouldn’t want this summer. This problem needs to be fixed immediately before coils are instead frozen into permanent non-usage. Regular cleaning or replacing of your air conditioning filters can further prevent this problem from occurring in the future.
  4. AC Compressor Failure: Okay, this problem is arguably the most critical. Without a working compressor, you don’t have a working air conditioning system. It’s as easy as that. A compressor is responsible for eliminating the heat and humidity from your indoor air. Without it, that same heat and humidity will overtake your home and transform it into a massively uncomfortable living space for all. Once your compressor goes, you need a professional at Custom Climate who can handle it in a hurry.

Contact Custom Climate today if you are experiencing any of these air conditioning problems in Awendaw, SC and we’ll help keep your summer cool!