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Advantages of Geothermal Heat Pumps – How They Work

March 27, 2019

Although as seasons vary the temperature above ground can change significantly; overall, the temperature below ground doesn’t change very much from one month to the next. On average, the ground temperature stays put at about 55 to 70 degrees all year. That is why geothermal heat pumps are an excellent way to both heat and cool your home!

The Best Solar Storage There is

The ground can hold a consistent temperature from season to season and day to night because it absorbs nearly 47% of the heat from the sun when it hits the ground’s surface. Geothermal systems work by tapping into the free energy that the ground supplies by using piping underground called an “earth loop”. The pipes can then become an infinite source of air conditioning, heating, and producing hot water without the expense of other types of heating units.

Geothermal Heating

As the temperatures outdoors fall, a geothermal heating system draws from the heat reservoir underground, concentrates it, and then moves that heat back to your home. An ordinary heat pump works by collecting cold, frigid air during the winter, which makes it highly inefficient. And furnaces work by producing heat from combustion. But a geothermal unit doesn’t create heat; it simply taps into the heat that is already available and moves it.


Geothermal Air Conditioning

When the hot South Carolina temperatures begin to heat up, a geothermal heating system collects the heat inside your home and then moves it to the earth. Ordinary air conditioners and heat pumps work by depositing the heat outdoors. But as the hot summer temperatures start to rise, the air outdoors is already saturated with heat and can no longer hold anymore. When things are already too hot outside, your cooling system can not work efficiently to keep things cool. But a geothermal system can!

Hot Water Assist

The WaterFurnace can capture heat that would normally be wasted and then divert it to help your hot water tank using a component called a desuperheater. When you use a hot water assist, your water heater unit can create about 50% of the hot water in your home without costing anything.

Unlimited Energy for Your Home!

A geothermal system uses high-density polyethylene pipes that are buried under the ground’s surface in a “loop” pattern. The loop works by circulating water and moving it to and from your home. The geothermal system has many advantages over ordinary air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces, like unlimited free energy! The type of loop used is determined based on available space, installation costs, and ground composition.

Horizontal Loops

When there is adequate space available, horizontal loops use one or more dug trenches. Once the trenches are dug, the polyethylene pipes are laid, and the trenches are filled in. For a typical home, it takes about 1/2 to 3/4 of an acre to install the trench system properly.

Benefits of Geothermal

Geothermal heat pumps not only deliver consistent temperatures to keep your house comfortable throughout the year, they also have a lot of additional benefits. They provide cleaner indoor air quality, environmental benefits like leaving less of a carbon imprint, and they help to decrease your monthly energy costs. They are also quieter, less obtrusive than traditional heat pumps, and are safer overall because they use no combustion, fumes, or flames that can increase your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you are considering replacing your current system with either a new furnace or an ordinary heat pump, a geothermal system might be a better fit for your needs. They offer a vast number of benefits to your home’s comfortability, your family’s safety, and to your wallet! Contact Custom Climate HVAC today to discuss how one can benefit you!