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AC Replacement in Mount Pleasant


Consult with our Air Conditioning replacement experts in Mount Pleasant before an AC disaster strikes.

Our licensed professionals at Custom Climate specialize in AC replacements, as well as AC repair and maintenance processes. During our evaluations, we look at not only the AC unit in question, but the entire AC system in your home or office to determine the most energy efficient approach to take. Our qualified AC technicians have been trained to take care of any AC replacement service you need, at any time of day or night.

Features of our AC Replacement Services in Mount Pleasant

At Customer Climate, our AC replacements experts will ensure that your AC system runs flawlessly. We’ll make sure the entire process is as painless and least intrusive as possible for you. Some of the key features of our AC replacement services in Mount Pleasant are:

  • The most up-to-date, highly-efficient, AC units and upgrades to choose from in the industry.
  • Regularly-scheduled maintenance service sessions once a year after your AC replacement.
  • Quick emergency response times regardless of the time of day or year.
  • Simple and complicated replacements of essential AC parts, including the ductwork.

Benefits of our AC Replacement Services in Mount Pleasant

The advantages of hiring our AC replacement specialists at Customer Climate are vast. We’re very confident that by the time we’re finished with your AC system, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency, meaning lower energy bills for you
  • Reduced levels of humidity in your home or office
  • Consistent, evenly spread, cool air throughout your home or office
  • An almost silent, rejuvenated AC unit no matter what speed it’s on
  • Breathing in pure, clean air free of allergens, smoke and stinky odors
  • A refreshed indoor environment for your family and/or employees to live and work comfortably in
  • Increased home security, and less summer bugs kept outside due to your doors and windows being kept shut.

Call Custom Climate today to start taking advantage of our AC replacement services in Mount Pleasant!