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Stay Cool with Annual AC Maintenance in Mt. Pleasant, SC

May 10, 2016

Summer’s almost here, and if you’ve already dedicated a weekend to spring cleaning and have been shopping for patio furniture, then the next thing on your to-do list should be to schedule AC maintenance in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Why Professional AC Maintenance in Mt. Pleasant, SC Is the Smart Choice

We all know how brutal South Carolina summers can be. With soaring temperatures and high humidity outdoors, it’s essential that your home offers a safe, healthy place away from the heat. And that’s why you rely on your air conditioner. That one appliance makes your life, and that of your family, so much better during the summer months. Imagine having to be stuck without AC during July or August—it’s a nightmare, right?

That’s exactly why you need to have a professional perform annual maintenance on your air conditioner. If you consider that you probably run your AC anywhere between 60 and 90 percent of the time during the summer, you’ll begin to get an impression of the wear and tear the appliance suffers. So before it gets too hot, schedule an appointment with your HVAC specialist. There are three main reasons why:

  1. It’s safer. Air conditioners are complex appliances, and if you’re not a trained HVAC technician and you try to give your AC a tune-up yourself, you could wind up damaging the appliance or hurting yourself. A professional will be able to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively clean and repair the appliance so it’s ready for another summer.
  2. It’ll extend the life of your AC. Regularly tune-ups by a professional will keep your AC in good working order for a much longer time than if you don’t have it maintained.
  3. It provides a healthier living environment. If your AC still has dirt on it from last year’s use, then it’s likely to blow contaminants into your home. That means you and your family will be breathing in contaminated air—and that’s definitely not good for your health!

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