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9 Tips to Keep Your Heating & Air Energy Efficient

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January 5, 2019

A large amount of the average monthly household budget goes to heating and cooling. It can be a challenge to find a happy medium between what you can afford and how comfortable you want to be during the cold winter and the hot Charleston summers. The good news is that small changes can have a huge impact on how much you’re spending on your HVAC system.

These nine Charleston heating and air tips can help lower your costs without making you sacrifice your comfort zone.

1. Seal Things Up

If you have an old home, there are probably several places that
air is either seeping into your home or finding its way out. The best way to
keep your energy costs low is to weatherproof your home by caulking and weather-stripping
doors and windows. Also, adding insulation can do your bills wonders; it reduces
how hard your HVAC system works to keep the temperatures controlled.

2. Clean Your Ductwork

Air needs to go from your home to the furnace and back again. It does so via ductwork. But when ductwork is dirty and caked with debris, your furnace and AC work harder, which equals more energy needed. By cleaning your ductwork, you increase airflow and decrease energy usage, and it is healthier for your lungs, too!

3. Digital Thermostats

Use programmable digital thermostats so that you aren’t heating or
cooling an empty house. If you’ll be gone most of the day or out of town,
program your thermostat to adjust when no one is around. And set it to turn off
while you are sleeping – you probably won’t notice the difference.

4. Let The Sun In – Or Block It Out

Use nature to heat your home when you can. Blinds and window
coverings can be a blessing to keep the sun out on hot days, or to let it shine
brightly to help heat your home on the cold days. They also help reduce the
cold air seeping in during the winter, which increases energy efficiency.

5. Change Your Air Filters

You need to clean your ductwork for the same reason you should change your furnace filters regularly. Not only will it make your HVAC system work less; it will improve the air quality of your home.

6. Turn the Thermostat Down or Up Just Two Degrees

By turning the thermostat either down two degrees or up, you can
significantly reduce your monthly costs both during the winter and the summer.
And two degrees is something you can barely feel!

7. Have Your HVAC Serviced Regularly

Regular maintenance is imperative to cut down on the energy your
HVAC system requires. If you have your units maintained, you not only ensure
they are running at maximum efficiency, you are also extending their life. That
means you save on having to replace them earlier.

8. Upgrade

If you aren’t replacing your old HVAC units because you think it is costly, think again. It’s likely that you’re spending way more monthly than if you just bit the bullet and had the system replaced. Call a professional and do the numbers before assuming you are saving money by keeping the old one in place.

9. Use Your Registers

Floor registers are there for a reason – to decrease or increase
the flow of air – so use them accordingly. Make sure to turn them off when a
room is not used very often and turn the registers on in rooms that are
frequently occupied. Floor registers are supposed to increase energy efficiency
– you just have to remember to use them.

If you are tired of paying high energy costs on your Charleston heating and air bill every month, try these HVAC tips to reduce energy.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your units or they are aged and not working as efficiently as they could, call Custom Climate HVAC today to discuss a maintenance appointment or replacing your existing HVAC system. Check out our HVAC reviews. You can rest assured you’re in good hands.