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6 Common Questions Regarding Mini Splits Answered

May 22, 2020

The newest trend in the HVAC world is a ductless mini split. And although hugely popular in Europe, the technology is still relatively new in the US, which has many homeowners with unanswered questions about what they are and how they work. These are the top six common questions that people have regarding mini splits answered by ductless mini split installation companies who deal with them frequently.

1. What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

For practical purposes, a mini split is a miniature central air conditioning system that doesn’t need ductwork to deliver cool air to any part of your home or office. It is a small, convenient, and quick system that can be used virtually anywhere, if designed correctly, to reduce energy costs and avoid the cost of installing ductwork.

Mini split systems are made of three components:

  1. The evaporator/blower unit that can be mounted anywhere in the room
  2. An outdoor condenser unit
  3. The conduit linking the two units, indoor and outdoor, together

Often, the various components are more affordable to replace for small spaces. And they come with convenience features like remote control access and consistency of temperature.

2. Do I Need to Install a Ductless Unit in Every Room?

No, you will not need an individual unit for every room of your home, but if you should require more than one, the outdoor unit can be attached to multiple indoor units around your home. For smaller homes, that usually means only one outdoor unit and a few indoor ones. In larger homes, it may require that you have multiple both indoor and outdoor units to handle the demands placed upon them.

The reason that homeowners like mini splits is that they work well to provide zoned cooling. That means you can heat or cool rooms just as you want them, or choose to cut zoned rooms off altogether when not in use. Ductless systems can also be ideal for renovations and room additions. Rather than having to reconfigure existing ductwork and new ductwork together; a mini split system can handle the additional space on its own.

3. Are Mini Splits More Expensive?

The answer to that is both “yes” and “no”. On the front end, they typically cost more to install. A mini split system, on average, will cost anywhere from $1500-$2000 per ton of maximum cooling capacity. So the larger the home, the more expense there will be involved in the installation of the system and the cost of the units.

In the long-term, however, ductless systems usually cost much less to run because you are only using them to cool and heat the zoned areas that you designate. So overall, no energy goes to waste. And if you do your research, there are tax incentives that might help to recoup some of the money you spend on installation.

4. Are Mini Splits Loud to Operate?

When set to high, it is still difficult to hear the operation of a mini split system. It is designed to be quieter than its heat pump alternative, and also to work around strict noise ordinances set by city limits, even when you have more units in operation at once.

5. Can They Effectively Replace Baseboard Heaters in Older Homes?

You can use a ductless system to replace existing baseboard heaters, but sometimes homeowners opt to keep baseboards for certain areas. Baseboards work well for extreme temperatures, so in regions where the temperature really drops, having the baseboards might be a welcomed keep.

6. Are They Easy to Install?

Although they are considered easy to install, it is a job for a professional, not a do-it-yourselfer. Because placement will be highly critical to how well they work, and other factors need to be considered, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a mini split and then not have it work optimally because you didn’t want to pay a professional to install it. Also, you need to know what size unit will handle your living space to reduce energy costs and to extend the life of the system altogether. So if you are going to make the switch, it is best to hire a professional.

A ductless mini split is a great choice for many HVAC needs, but only if you have a professional ductless mini split installation company evaluate your needs and accommodate appropriately. The experts at Custom Climate are here to help. We specialize in the installation of mini splits in the Charleston area and would love to help you with yours. Contact us today to discuss your HVAC project.