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5 Situations Where a Ductless Mini Split is a Good Option for Your HVAC Needs

ductless mini split
November 22, 2019

Unless you are a professional HVAC contractor the ins and outs of how to make a home run smoothly are probably lost on you. But many Charleston homeowners are opting to ditch the furnace and go ductless for many reasons. There are times when an HVAC system works best, and others when a ductless mini split Charleston, SC installation is the best way to go. Do you know what situations call for the later?

Ductwork Isn’t Possible

For ductwork to fit within a specific place to supply heating and cooling to an area there has to be room behind the wall for the configuration. Sometimes there are instances where that is not possible. In the past, those areas would usually be the places where you would find inconsistent heating and cooling and drafts. Ductless mini splits are an excellent way to get HVAC to hard to reach places where ductwork simply isn’t possible.

You are Renovating an Existing Home

When you add on to your existing home it isn’t always easy to use your older HVAC system to cover the entire house. But often there is nothing wrong with the original system and it isn’t ready to be replaced yet. Instead of spending the money to upgrade what doesn’t need to be fixed, it might make more sense to use a ductless mini split in the newer part. That way, you can also set up a zoned area so that you can shut off the supply when rooms aren’t being used.

You Have Rooms That Aren’t Usually Used

If you have a bigger house that has spaces or rooms that aren’t always in use, it is a waste of money to heat and cool them year round. The best way to maintain those places that you don’t want to heat and cool year round is by installing a separate ductless mini split. Then you can make them comfortable only when someone is using them and cut back on your energy costs.

ductless mini split

You Have Rooms That you Just Can’t Maintain a Good Temperature

No matter how hard you try, there are sometimes rooms that you just can’t seem to heat and cool properly. A mini split is a better and more long term solution than a space heater or window air conditioner. Not only can space heaters be dangerous, window units are anything but aesthetically pleasing. The very little cost it takes for ductless mini split Charleston, SC is well worth it to even things out!

A Window Unit Isn’t An Option

If you have a room that you want air conditioned, but the air conditioning isn’t reaching it, the hot summers of South Carolina can be brutal. But if you don’t have a window to vent a window air conditioning unit, that can make things miserable. A ductless mini split is perfect for cooling down a room where a window air conditioner isn’t possible. It doesn’t need to be ventilated outdoors, so you can literally put them anywhere you need to cool things down.

Sometimes a traditional HVAC system is a perfect solution for your needs, while for others, they aren’t even an option. If you are considering whether a ductless mini split Charleston, SC installation is a good idea for your particular concern, contact Custom Climate for a free evaluation today!