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5 Signs You Need AC Repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC

ac repair in mt. pleasant, sc
March 29, 2016

There’s nothing more frustrating than a broken AC unit on the hottest and most humid day of the year. Many homeowners don’t realize the warning signs of an aging AC unit until it’s too late, and this hot and uncomfortable situation can become a reality for many homeowners in Mount Pleasant, SC if they’re not wary of the warning signs. Finding AC repair in Mount Pleasant, SC, isn’t impossible, but you don’t want to be stuck searching at the last minute.

Our professionals at Custom Climate have compiled a list of 5 signs you need AC Repair in Mount Pleasant, SC, before the unit completely fails. It may be time to be proactive in your AC repair if you witness:

  1. Poor Air Flow: If your AC unit has poor air flow, chances are something is wrong. Poor air flow could be a symptom of an aging compressor, or issues with the ducts throughout your home which can fill with debris over time. If you’re experiencing poor air flow in flow in your home, it’s time to look for professional AC repair in Mount Pleasant, SC.
  2. The Air Isn’t Cold: If the air coming from your AC unit isn’t cold, it’s completely contradictory to the reason for having an AC unit to begin with. No cool air could be a sign of a broken compressor or low Freon levels. Either way, it’s an issue that won’t resolve on its own, and requires professional AC repair.
  3. The Unit Makes Odd Sounds: If your AC unit is making odd or strange sounds, this is a sure sign of necessary repair. Issues within the unit will cause sounds of squealing, grinding or grating, and indicate a broken part within the unit. If not fixed in time, this could cause larger issues and require a full-unit replacement.
  4. The Unit Smells Funky: Your AC unit should provide clean, odorless cool air. If there are funky smells coming from your machine, it’s a sure indicator you need AC repair in Mount Pleasant, NC. Frayed or burnt out wires can create a foul odor, while mold and mildew built up in the unit can cause a musty smell and be sending out the spores throughout your home.
  5. The Unit Condenses Excess Moisture: If your AC unit is collecting excess moisture where it doesn’t belong, this could be a serious issue. While one explanation may be a simple and harmless issue with the drain tube, which releases the moisture condensed in the unit, a more serious issue could be the unit leaking refrigerant. This leak could be hazardous to you and the people in your household, and should be fixed by a professional immediately.

It’s easy to forget about the AC units in your home until they’ve failed and the heat is rising. Being proactive in the maintenance of your AC can help avoid the inevitable AC unit failure on the warmest of days in SC. If you’re looking for AC repair in Mount Pleasant, SC, Custom Climate at the AC professionals you deserve to call.