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5 Common Indicators You Need Furnace Replacement in Mount Pleasant

February 19, 2016

Could your Mount Pleasant home be in for some serious wintertime woes in the near future? Are you days away from full furnace failure?

The furnace in your Mount Pleasant home might need replacement. Learn the five common indicators you need furnace replacement, in doing so you’ll protect yourself, your family and your investment.

  1. Age: Appliances wear out and the furnace in your Mount Pleasant home is no different. Fire, gas and electricity pulse through your furnace for decades. Even the most well made and cared for furnace will eventually need to be replaced. Usually around the 15- to 20- year mark.
  1. Constant Repairs: Constant repairs and regularly scheduled maintenance are two different things. If the furnace in your Mount Pleasant home is at the end of its life expectancy, regular repair work might not be worth the expenditure. Consider a furnace replacement instead. While you may spend more upfront, newer technology can end up saving you in the long run.
  1. Temperature Fluctuation: If the temperature in your Mount Pleasant home is inconsistent from one room to the next, it’s a sign your furnace needs replacement. When the blower motor in a furnace becomes dirty or a belt wares out, it reduces the furnace’s ability to circulate air around a home. However, the furnace may still try to reach the desired temperature putting addition strain on the unit and causing further damage.
  1. Bigger Bills: When energy bills start to rise, but the prices and use are about the same, your furnace might be to blame. In the case of the broken blower motor listed above, the furnace works harder to try and get the rooms to consistent temperature. If the blower or another component doesn’t work, or isn’t fully functional, it’s wasting more energy and more of your hard earned money.
  1. Yellow: Gas furnaces rely on pilot lights to keep them running. Pilot lights should burn blue with just a touch of yellow at the tip of the flame. The bluer the firer the hotter it’s burnings. A predominantly yellow fire is an indication that your pilot light isn’t getting enough oxygen or fuel so it is burning too coolly. Cool flames can cause furnaces to produce a colorless and odorless gas called, carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and you should contact an HVAC professional right away if you suspect you furnace isn’t working properly.

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