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4 Smart Tips for Hiring an HVAC Contractors for New Installations

July 1, 2019

Looking for experts in HVAC system installation in Mount Pleasant SC or Greater Charleston?

Your HVAC system will either keep you comfortable during the hot summer and cold winter Charleston days and nights, or it can make you miserable. That is why finding the right HVAC contractor is so important. Not only do you want to make sure you get the best quality system; you also want to ensure that it is the right size, the right type of operation, and that the installation is done correctly. So to find the right HVAC contractor for a new installation in Charleston, look for these four smart tips.

Do Your Due Diligence on HVAC Contractors Near You

When it comes to HVAC contractors, one of the best ways to find the right company to hire is to see what other peoples’ experience has been. Online reviews are one of the best ways to investigate a company’s reputation. Not only are people happy to give a good review to a business that performed an excellent service; they also like to be vocal about one that did not. So not only can you find out who you should hire by investigating online, reviews can also dissuade you from hiring ones that you shouldn’t.

Don’t go by HVAC Cost Alone

For most homeowners, cost is going to be an issue. But you shouldn’t hire an HVAC contractor on price alone because quite often you get what you pay for. If a company is significantly less than other bids, then there is usually a reason why. And that reason can come back to bite you. Lower quality units or poor installation will all end up costing you a lot in repairs and energy bills monthly. So try to choose an HVAC that isn’t based solely on what “appears” upfront to be cost- saving.

Ask Around for HVAC Company Reviews

Just like online reviews, people are more than happy to voice their opinion about their experience with an HVAC company. Ask family and friends if they have anyone they can recommend, check with local building planners, or ask around your neighborhood to see what other people in your area would recommend. Word of mouth is still one of the most reliable ways to find a reputable company or business!

Make Sure They are Familiar With Their Equipment

When it comes to HVAC systems, it isn’t just about the quality of the system you invest in. If the technician is not familiar with the manufacturer, they might not install it per specifications. And if they don’t, there is a good chance that your warranty might be null and void. There is also a great likelihood that it won’t work as it is supposed to. Find a company that has the expertise, an established record, and one that has technicians that not only are familiar with the particular manufacturer you choose, but also one who is certified to both install and to repair your particular chosen HVAC system.

Anyone who lives in South Carolina knows that the heat is super steamy and the cold winter days can be just as daunting. It is critical to find a reputable HVAC contractor for new installations in the Charleston, SC area to ensure that you can sit comfortably in your home year-round. Custom Climate has an established reputation in the Charleston area for expertise and professionalism. Contact us today for a free evaluation and estimate for your new HVAC system!