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4 Main Types of Indoor Air Filtration in Mt. Pleasant

November 10, 2015

The fall season is associated with some nice smells, whether it be the clean, crisp outdoor air, the scent of a hot Thanksgiving dinner, or the baking of warm apple pie. However, even with aromas this nice, your indoor air quality may begin to plummet. This common causes for poor indoor air quality include household chemicals, gasses from heating systems, and insulation.  Exposure to these pollutants can result in serious health consequences, especially for those who struggle with asthma and other allergies.

When it gets harder to breathe, the folks at Custom Climate offer options for indoor air filtration in Mt. Pleasant so you and your whole family can breathe comfortably in your home all year long. Our indoor air quality specialists know what it takes to maintain a steady flow of fresh, breathable air in your home. We offer plenty of air filtration services so we can cover the bases for all of our customers in the Mt/ Pleasant area! While other services may be all hype and no delivery, Custom Climate is the real deal if you’re looking for ways to ensure better indoor air filtration.

Indoor Air Filtration in Mt. Pleasant: 4 Main Types

One of the main goals for the team at Custom Climate is keeping customers comfortable in their own homes. Luckily, we offer more than just one solution for indoor air filtration so no customer gets left behind. Here are the 4 major types we offer:

  1. Full Air Cleaners: Have you sat in your home or office uncomfortably as you struggle to get a breath of fresh air? Then you should consider full air cleaners in your home. All areas of your home or office will wiped clean of any pollutants harming your indoor air!
  2. Entire House Humidifiers: The fall and winter is also known for its higher amounts of dry air which can result in skin irritation, watery eyes, and respiratory problems. Entire house humidifiers can keep humidity levels in your home at a healthy rate.
  3. Full Ventilation Systems: No matter if it’s heating or cooling, you need proper ventilation to ensure high-quality warm or cold air that won’t jeopardize indoor air quality. Invest in our full ventilation systems today!
  4. Ultraviolet Lamps: With ultraviolet lamps, you can eliminate pollutants with one fell swoop. You will be able to breathe better and enjoy life in your home so much more when you install proper indoor air technology.

Contact Custom Climate today to learn more about any of these 4 types of indoor air filtration in Mt. Pleasant!