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4 Helpful Tips for Air Conditioning Installation in Awendaw, SC

July 28, 2016

All too often, we see homeowners rush through the process of air conditioning installation in Awendaw, SC. Hey, we understand—it’s highly important to have a steady flow of cool air in your home. But the main problem with rushing and simply installing the nearest available air conditioning in your home is that it leaves more room for mistakes. Air conditioning may be installed in the wrong location, by an under-qualified technician, or, worst of all, you may even purchase the wrong air conditioning system in the first place.

At Custom Climate, we want to ensure your next air conditioning installation in Awendaw, SC goes smoothly. No mistakes. No errors. No faux pas. We’ve got a team of cooling experts who know exactly what it takes to install an air conditioning system that will ensure you’re equipped with a cooling system that won’t bail on you at any point during the summer. An improperly installed system can bring you all sorts of trouble, which is why our service will help you avoid the traps for the sake of providing your home with high-quality cooling.

How Can You Ensure the Best Air Conditioning Installation in Awendaw, SC?

The next time you install an air conditioning system, you may want to consider the following:

  1. Consider Location: Some homeowners will make the mistake of installing their air conditioning system in direct sunlight, which will only make it work harder to produce cool air. Always make sure your air conditioning system is installed in a shadier area of your home where there is less air to cool and won’t require a higher amount of energy consumption.
  2. The Right Size: You also need to make sure you are installing the right size of air conditioning in your home. Any licensed technician will know to conduct measurements in and around your home to determine sizing. An improperly-sized air conditioning system is more prone to breakdowns and won’t provide you with a high level of efficiency.
  3. Check the Warranty: There are many air conditioning warranties out there, depending on the brand. Before installing, make sure to do your research on the warranty for your chosen model and brand of air conditioning. You need a warranty that will cover you for a significant period of time.
  4. The Right Technician: Custom Climate is home to licensed, highly-trained professionals who can install your air conditioning without issue. Be careful of any unlicensed handymen out there who will promise you quality installation service as they’re more likely to make mistakes. The best air conditioning system needs to be installed by the best professional.

Contact Custom Climate today for air conditioning installation in Awendaw, SC that will make sure you have a steady flow of cool air in your home immediately!