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3 Reasons You Should Seek Annual Furnace Maintenance in Mount Pleasant

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February 25, 2016

Even in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, the winter months can bring cold spells. Custom Climate HVAC is available to help if any sudden problems arise. There are ways you can avoid problems. One is annual furnace maintenance in Mount Pleasant. When it comes to furnace replacement Mount Pleasant is well served, but there are actions you can take to prolong the life of your system.

Professionals will tell you not to wait until there are signs of a problem to check a furnace. Airflow problems, thermostat glitches, worn circuit breakers, and rising electricity bills can signal a problem. You can avoid all of these by having your furnace checked once a year. Here are three of the most important reasons you should do so.

  1. The Furnace Will Last Longer: Today’s furnaces will last on average around 16-20 years. You probably won’t get that kind of service if you neglect yearly inspections. It becomes more likely you’ll spend more on repairs or a new furnace in a shorter time span. Declines in efficiency may cost you even sooner than that. There’s also the risk your furnace will break down on the coldest day this winter or the decade. A little maintenance can mean a lot if you avoid such problems. With annual maintenance, Custom Climate can change your fan, coils, pilot light, blowers, or faulty electrical connections. Clogged filters can be easily replaced. Any faulty component may strain the furnace and shorten the life of the system.
  2. Lower Energy Bills: If any component starts to break down, the furnace will become less efficient. Even a dirty filter can have a big impact. The unit will work harder to provide a similar amount of heating, using more gas or power. It might not be evident without a closer look. Your utility company will let you know by sending a higher bill every month.
  3. To Meet Warranty Requirements: The furnace replacement Mount Pleasant residents depend upon also factors in the warranty. Manufacturers often require you to have your furnace serviced annually. Otherwise the warranty may be voided and you’ll be financially responsible for all repairs or replacements. It’s no secret proper maintenance saves money and time over the long run.

When you need furnace replacement, Mount Pleasant is in luck thanks to Custom Climate HVAC. Call us today if you need furnace maintenance in Mount Pleasant. Most of all we’re to be up on your annual maintenance needs to keep costs and headaches down!