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3 Reasons to Install a Whole Home Dehumidifier in Seabrook Island, SC

May 25, 2016

Humidity is determined by the amount of moisture in the air. Most people are aware that humid air causes their hair to frizz and their bodies to sweat, but the effects go further than these common annoyances. A whole home dehumidifier in Seabrook Island, SC is your opportunity to protect you, your family, and your property from the damaging effects of high humidity. Custom Climate has been proudly serving the greater Charleston area for the past 15 years, and they’re dedicated to helping their clients maintain happy, healthy homes. They specialize in whole dehumidifier installation, and they’re here to share the top three reasons why you need to take advantage of their expert service.

  1. Prioritize Your Health: Humid air aids the reproduction and transmission of viruses and bacteria, and those seemingly insignificant microorganisms are responsible for the spread of serious diseases. Mold, mildew, dust mites, and other tiny organisms thrive in warm, wet environments, and if your home is full of humid air, you’re giving them the opportunity to grow and expand. Put simply, dry air is healthy air. Dry air will even help alleviate asthma and allergy symptoms.
  2. Maximize Comfort: High humidity means everything is sticky, sweaty, and frizzy. The moisture in the air inhibits your body’s natural cooling process and keeps sweat from evaporating. The thermostat might be telling you that the outside air is 85 degrees, but add in humidity, and the real-feel temperature instantly spikes to uncomfortable levels. With a whole-home dehumidifier in Seabrook Island, SC, your home will be a cool, comfortable escape from the humid outside air.
  3. Save Money: Reduced humidity levels mean that your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep your indoor air cool and comfortable. Compared to air conditioners, whole home dehumidifiers use miniscule amounts of energy. By running a whole home dehumidifier and keeping your air conditioner set at a higher temperature, you save energy and reduce your monthly utility bills. Installing a whole home dehumidifier sets off a chain reaction that will help you keep your money where it belongs—in your pocket.

With help from Custom Climate, installing a whole home dehumidifier in Seabrook Island, SC is a simple, affordable process. All you need to do is schedule an appointment, and their qualified technicians will show up on time and ready to get the work done quickly. Call them today to take the first step toward a positive change in your indoor air quality.