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3 Reasons to Get AC Maintenance in Charleston This Fall

Ac Repair Man
September 11, 2015

While other parts of the country may be considering furnace or boiler maintenance, you should definitely consider AC maintenance in Charleston this fall. Temperatures may drop elsewhere but here in Charleston, it remains warm and sunny. There may come a day or two where you’ll need to rely on your AC to get you through the warm outdoor temperatures, but you may be without cooling relief if you don’t have your AC maintained. This fall in Charleston should be comfortable for all members of your household, so don’t let a busted AC ruin your good chance.

Custom Climate is here to provide AC maintenance in Charleston so you’re good and ready to go for the fall. Our trusted technicians will give your AC a thorough inspection to prevent any problems before they begin. We want all of our customers in Charleston to enjoy the season to its fullest extent, which is why we’re always ready to provide assistance.

AC Maintenance in Charleston: Top 3 Reasons

If you’re looking for a good reason to call us, maintenance is usually at the top of the list. Here are 3 reason why when preparing for fall, you should make the call to Custom Climate for an AC maintenance check:

  1. Save Money on Bills: Your budget this fall should be spent on finding that perfect Halloween costume or buying food for football game parties. It shouldn’t be spent on AC repair. However, if don’t get your AC maintained, it could lead to any potential problems with your AC growing worse and allowing those repair bills to stack up. Fortunately, getting your AC maintained by a technician at Custom Climate will save you tons of money you’d otherwise spend trying to get it fixed later in the season.
  2. Improved Comfort: The fall is one of the most comfortable times of the year in Charleston, with summertime heatwaves no longer posing a threat to your home. However, it can still be warm throughout September and October and without AC maintenance to preserve your cooling system, your home can be stuffy and uncomfortable. AC maintenance from Custom Climate will make your fall even more comfortable with refreshing air to keep everyone happy.
  3. Improved Performance: Even if you don’t rely on your AC this fall, AC maintenance in Charleston still beneficial in extending the lifespan of your AC. If you want it working at its best when the temperatures start rising again, then AC maintenance will ensure it’s working just in time for next summer.

Contact Custom Climate today for AC maintenance in Charleston this fall. Get great, reliable service now!